• Tagg Romney Buys HART Intercivic, Voting Machine Company For Ohio Solamere Capital

    October 22, 2012 10:55 am 15 comments
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  • Barack Obama’s constant lies and mean political ad campaign has tricked enough Americans to make this race close, especially in swing states like Ohio.  It’s unfortunate that once again, it looks like the American people will not vote for the correct president.  And just like when we had to ‘bend’ the results a bit with our buddies at Diebold, once again we have to take this election into our own hands.

    For over the last few months, we have joined others in encouraging Team Romney headquarters to look into investing or taking ownership of the electronic voting machines in swing states.  We found it was a tough match in Florida, who is already under scrutiny of several watchdog groups.  But through backdoor investing, we were able to find a loophole that allowed Bain Capital via Solamere Capital to buy out Hart Intercivic, the company who owns every electronic voting machine in Ohio.  Since Mitt technically could not be over the transaction,  funds were diverted through Bain Capital under the guarantorship of someone we can all trust to be fair in this, Tagg Romney. Tagg Romney is the founder of Solamere Capital.

    So now, this friendly letter is being plastered on MSNBC, them complaining because the “Repubicans conspired” to alter votes in Ohio.  Whatever happened to fair business and presumed innocence?

    And just like clockwork, liberals are up in arms and going rabid over all this. Yes, Tagg did follow the suggestion and buy the bulk of the company in question. He used Solamere Capital and not Bain Capital, making the deal even more clean. Yes, Mitt Romney does not have his name tied directly to it because that would just be too suspicious and easy for the media to twist and turn. But all it really should be seen as is an investment. The liberals cannot jump to conclusions and say we are going to cheat in Ohio, just because we control the company that controls the electronic voting record. Saying such is not trusting your America brothers and not really promoting the spirit of democracy in a bona-fide sense. It shows that democrats hate big business and investment, resenting people are simply practicing capitalism and trying to brand us as cheat demons for doing so.
    The spooks over at TruthOut are trying to fearmonger, raising the question that the Romneys now own the e-votes of America


    What’s even scarier is that these liberals have Forbes.com drinking the Kool-aid, reporting that we helped Romney conspire to buy his family into Hart Intercivic, so Ohio will be won by Romney.

    If what all these liberals are suggesting were even half true, cheating the e-votes of Ohio would pretty much give the 2012 presidential election to Mitt Romney. And to think we, as the Republican party, would even joke about making such a grievous, tragic move against free voting and democracy in this nation, is just truly offensive. It is patently not true and surely very offensive. Republicans have and never will scheme to win an election. We only make great investments, which Tagg did here, and make sure our investments work correctly. Sure, Tagg will need to ensure all the voting machines are working properly before the elections and probably will have to add load balancers, making sure too many ‘faulty’ votes aren’t being received at once. That way, the results will be clean and favorable, things every American should demand in a process so important.

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