• The Reason Obama Lost Debate Versus Romney

    October 6, 2012 12:48 am 13 comments
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  • The liberals are all crying today and realize that their little golden boy Mitt Romney has a weak tongue win compared to the Golden Orations of Mitt Romney.  Democrates are scrambling to find an excuse why Obama was so tired and noncaring about his debate, like he had just eaten a big plate of ribs or fried chicken and had what his people call ‘the itis’.  But when you look at the circumstances and you look at replay footage, you’ll see Obama has a glossy, content look in his eyes.

    Then, when you consider that the debate happened on his anniversary day with Michelle Obama, who was seen without panty lines on her dress, it only takes a little imagination to figure out what Barack and Michelle did to celebrate their anniversary backstage before the debate.  Michelle may have only meant to calm Barack down with a little anniversary gift, but Mitt spotted Obama’s weakness and went on the attack.

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