• Tim Tebow RB To Make Debut Appearance

    October 20, 2012 11:24 am 4 comments
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  • Tim Tebow is the greatest quarterback since Brett Favre.  But unlike Brett Favre, Tebow is versatile in other parts of the offense.  On the defensive end, Tebow can hit with the power of ten Urlachers and anticipate the oppenent’s next move with the brilliance of Ditka.  But it’s in the offensive backfield that God has given Tebow a new, ultimate power:  the agility of a gazelle possessed by the strength of an African male lion addicted to roids.

    It will be no easy task to stop Tim Tebow rumbling from the backfield and giving him the new job of starting running back for the Jets is perfect.  Think about it.  When Tebow gets the ball on a draw or long snap, he can not only run for a touchdown, but can still throw a sizzling pass into the outstretched arms of his receivers.  As a running back, Tim Tebow becomes a greater threat and surpasses even the skills of Brett Favre, the greatest pure quarterback of all time.

    This is the image we see today on Tebow’s twitter page.  This image has replaced his usual image of God reaching out to create him:

    So tomorrow, expect to see Tebow as running back and set your VCR recording device, because this is one you want ot archive for the ages.
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