• Unprofessional: Obama Puts Romney in Dunce Hat on Official Tumblr

    October 26, 2012 5:15 pm 11 comments
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  • Barack Obama continues to show how childish he is and that he is not capable of being the President of the United States. In Obama’s most recent stint of ‘trash talking’ Mitt Romney, today Obama unveiled this painting in which Mitt Romney is placed in a dunce hat.

    Dunce hats were used in the medieval times to signify a person who was hired as entertainment, a role usually reserved for simpletons who were used a laughing stocks. Such archaic, bullyish behavior is not something Republicans stand for, perhaps no one more than Mitt Romney.

    At this point, Obama should have some decency and just apologize to Mitt Romney. Obama should be ashamed to even use Tumblr, which my colleagues have thoroughly proven is a danger to your child’s soul and ethics. If you clear your room of women and children, you can see just how childish Obama is and read his Tumblr here.

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