• Why Are Blacks So Abusive To Their Children?

    October 5, 2012 12:37 am 38 comments
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  • By Mark E. Figs


    The savagery of Negroes is a unique phenomenon that has been studied by Christian scientists for many years. Decades have passed without knowledge of what genetic factors influence their eclectic and violent way of life. Many a night has ended with a brave Christian scientist losing sleep over his inability to figure out why Blacks enjoy dipping spicy foods into processed “nacho cheese.”

    The dark blood that pulses through their blackened skin is said to contain many different chemicals that influence such Black activities as — excellence at athletics, ability to gain strength quickly, and explosive temperament, among other things.

    It is this predisposition to violence that has me fearful for Christ’s America in the wake of an Obama re-election. It’s common knowledge that Obama’s status as President has Blacks “on edge,” much more than usual. His mere existence as Commander-In-Chief  has ignited the incendiary nature within the Negro population. It’s given rise to a startling trend that I’ve noticed in my local eateries and public places and that is — Blacks ABUSING their children. Why do Blacks abuse their children?

    It’s odd to me that the Blacks abuse their children, because they have so many of them. Blacks are the number one recipients of welfare, and often use these benefits to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, and steaks. Such an abuse of food stamps often goes unnoticed and unpunished, while these Blacks leech off of the Government teat and drive expensive sports cars!

    But why do Blacks smack their children? Spanking is a personal interest of mine, but Blacks bypass this holy form of punishment in lieu of open-fist smacks and closed-fist punches. I was eating waffles at my favorite diner this morning, when I saw a Negress haul off and backhand slap her granddaughter for eating a chicken wing! Perhaps it was because of the last food stamp or WIC benefit?

    This is mind-boggling to me! But as I am perplexed by these actions, I hearken back to the Biblical knowledge dictated by God, and realize that Blacks are cursed to live out their existence in constant turmoil, as per the “Curse of Ham.”

    The truth is, Blacks are very violent with their children. They smack them, hit them, talk down to them and have a lot of them. It’s unreal how these Blacks think it’s acceptable to physically harm their children, and talk down to them, subjecting them to mental and physical abuse that is not healthy or morally just. They just end up making dumb children who are very dumb and contribute nothing but dumb to a dumb culture. It’s a repetitive cycle that continues on and serves as a deterrent for the progress of Blacks. Welfare and Obama are to blame because they continue to perpetuate the incessant need that they feel for acquiring Government aid.

    It would be irresponsible to feed animals at national parks food, because then they would become accustomed to it, just as it is erroneous to continue to give aid to these Blacks because all they do is turn around and smack their children in the face while driving in their luxury cars on rims. This is the Obama America we live in — where Blacks run around, abusing children, flaunting food stamps by smoking menthol cigarettes and contributing to homosexuality, because the children they abuse grow up with no sense of self worth and in turn become transsexuals or prostitutes, or even worse — RuPaul.

    Pray for the Negros.


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