• Why Did Obama Shoot Down Romney’s Zeppelin?

    October 23, 2012 9:25 am 7 comments
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  • PhotoBoca Raton, Florida (Holy ChristWire) – Barack Hussein Obama’s fascist stronghold on America continues, today all after Mitt Romney’s zeppelin was shot down from the skies of Florida.

    The zeppelin had a giant inspirational poster on it reading America NEEDS Romney.  And we really do.  After last night’s 3rd presidential debate, American after American flooded polls to report how they felt safe with Romney’s face on the television, almost like being taken back to the 1980s where we all basked in the warmth and comfort of Reagan’s grandfather like presence.

    Obama must have become jealous because when Americans see him on tv, all we can think about is how the unemployment rate is so high.  How Obama is torturing those poor people at Gitmo.  All we can think of is how he sold us out to China by giving them all our nuclear secrets and letting them buy up our debt, making us all slaves unto them.

    Can you imagine a future where your child will never know the joy of a hot air balloon ride or advertising their own business or brand on the side of a zeppelin, because the communist dictator of this nation will just shoot it down and tell them to get back to laying bricks in their commune?

    I cannot imagine such an America.  We cannot trust a man who uses the military to shoot down a poor millionaire’s zeppelin.  It’s just as mean as popping an innocent child’s birthday balloon.

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