• Wiccan Page Legend of Zelda Collections And Merchandise Selling Cursed Objects

    October 21, 2012 3:30 am 85 comments
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  • My most loyal comrades,

    I bring you the most troubling news! I’ve only just discovered a Wiccan page on facebook by mistake so I thought I’d warn you about it before you or your children/teens stumble upon it. The dreaded page in which I speak of is called, ‘Legend of Zelda Collections And Merchandise’. It may appear to be safe from a distance, but upon closer inspection and shocking discovery I had seen one of the objects before. It was a cursed medallion that some young people who have chosen the path of Wiccanism use for their rituals and spells to cast upon young males. They called it, ‘The Triforce’. It even sounds wicked!

    the medallion, ‘The Triforce’

    As I was looking over the page, I had noticed another object that I had seen before. It was a dismantled and misshapen flute of some kind. One of the comments on the picture read, ‘Ocarina of Time’ on it! I was shocked to see such a young crowd flock to such an item. I managed to save the picture to show all of you young people out there who are in a bind between religions(eventhough you should always accept Christ into your heart).

    ‘Ocarina of Time’

    I must warn you, my loyal comrades, to never go to this page. It is a wicked and horrible place for your children and teens to go! Please make sure that they never to this place. It might look safe but they really just want to cast their spells and give them cursed objects from ‘Legend of Zelda Collections And Merchandise’! Be safe this Halloween, God Bless.

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