• America Must Call For Sphinx Destruction In Egypt

    November 13, 2012 4:29 pm 21 comments
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  • For years, the Sphinx monument has stood as a source of pride and determination for the nation of Egypt and the rest of the Arabic world. What the Statue of Liberty means for peace, prosperity and democracy to America, the Sphinx stands as a beacon of defiance, tyranny and terror to terrorists. As long as the Sphinx stands, we will never be able to break the will of dissidents in the Middle East.

    And it is for this reason, America must call for immediate Sphinx destruction, to assure subservience and compliance for any burgeoning democracy in this volatile region. Only from the rubble of the Sphinx can we build a new foundation for these people, a superstitious lot who have yet to learn the true meaning of free life and decency.

    Beyond the battle for the minds of the Midweastern people, we also must be concerned about land, especially the vital Gaza Strip region.

    After destroying the Sphinx and invading Northern Egypt, as outlined by Dr. Stephenson Billings in 2009, we will finally be able to produce a more secure Israel. This will stabilize this volatile region, therefore making oil futures more stable. This will result in cheaper gas dollars for you, the consumer and economic investor for our coming invasion of Egypt.

    As we learned in the Benghazi, Libya, attacks, no longer are jubilant protestors cheering the promise of Democracy a sure sign that we can trust a nation. Just imagine the horror we would have faced if the Libyans had been fully trained and armed by America. They could have done far worse than just attacking one of our embassies, they could have somehow mounted an invasion on Israel, creating the horrors we saw in the 1970 Persian-Arab terror war on the Israeli people.

    The Peace from Giza to Gaza initiative will be a perfect name for this peaceful military demonstration. It will let people know that America’s sphere of influence will extend from Egypt to Israel, creating an effective shielf of influence were Judeo-Christian thought can securely permeate the land without symbols of terror or false idols can permeate the land.

    To truly make democracy spread through this region, we must not erase the past of the people, but instead demolish any symbols that tie Egyptians to their sordid past. In place of the Giza Sphinx, we should build American symbols: signs of Egypt’s future: restaurants like McDonalds or Spangles, strip malls, or even corporate towers.

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