• Andy Biersack To Play Batman In New D.C. Fetish Movie

    November 2, 2012 8:50 pm 35 comments
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    We all know that D.C. stands for dabbling children, so it is always offensive that D.C. comics even puts the word ‘comic’ in their name. There is nothing comical about a grown man dressing up in tights and Corinthian leathers, secreting out into the moonlight to have his body ravaged and torn by the whips and whims of villains, all sweaty and musky as their grueling battles leave their thighs quivering in exhaustion upon collapse. But this is exactly what we find in every Batman comic and movie, with the whipping boy Robin always waiting in the bat cave, having a hot bath pitched so he can work out the kinks in Batman’s sore, tired muscles.

    Up above we see Andy Biersack has taken on the cowl. Now that Nolan’s gritty Batman run is over, D.C. is already making moves to release their new Batman movie. Just like with the new Spiderman movie done by Marvel, DC is going with a leaner, smoother ’emosexual hipster’ lead character to appeal to the younger audiences. I never thought I’d see the day Batman became even more effinimate, but that’s what we are seeing here.

    If Andy Biersack is the powerman of the group, who are we going to see playing the role of Robin. Sheldon Cooper in Spandex? It would surely not surprise me. How many screaming fangirls are going to spend the entire movie watching this tightly clad Andy Biersack march around in his spandex, his dingaling barely hidden beneath the paper thin fabrics of his outfit.

    It looks like the new Batman will be a throw-back to the campy Adam West version of the 1960s, meaning that drugs and free-love will return as central themes of the new games. It’s only appropriate that the Black Veil Brides are behind this new age of DC dominatrix twink fetish we see going on here. Oh and look, the new Batman also carries a communist iPhone with his logo on it. Andy Biersack Batman will probably be released in late 2013.

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