• Bill O’Reilly – “The White Establishment is now The Minority”

    November 7, 2012 10:47 am 30 comments
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  • Fox News’ commentators are obviously not the happiest people today.  In a night where Mitt Romney did not even make a concession speech ahead of time, it was obvious that Republicans truly believed Mittens and Sir-Rape-A-Lot Paul would be celebrating victory today.  And sadly, their thoughts were not far off.  Obama carried major swing states and electoral votes, but the popular vote was close.  But not close enough.  And that fact is destroying the worldview for many good ol’ boys today, perhaps none greater than the notorious Bill O’Reilly.

    After realizing there was no way Romney could win, last night Bill O’Reilly first held out hope.  “Not all the ballots are in, it is to early to tell.”  About a half hour later, though, Bill O’Reilly went for the jugular and finally confessed what we all know:  he’s a blatant racist.

    O’Reilly believes Obama won because now “all these minorities, Hispanics and blacks want free things.   The White establishment is now the minority.  These people just want free things.”

    That ‘novel’ attitude is exactly why Mitt Romney lost the election. America is finally to the point where minorities and sensible people have just enough voting pull to ‘vote-out’ a man who stands against what’s right. This is the same thing we saw in the 1960s. Minorities were being lynched, tortured, not allowed to sit in the front of a bus, forbidden to eat at the same restaurant or drink from a white fountain, or they would have to fear for their lives. Having your church firebombed by night, the klan visiting your yard or your daughter murdered and the police laughing about it was fine.

    How many secretaries had to endure butt slaps and legitimate rapes that were brushed off as ‘boys being boys’ in the workplaces of the 1960s?

    Through the Civil Rights movement, enough ‘white establishment’ men and sensible minorities, regardless of gender and color of skin, unified and from a minority standpoint, and with the help of a president who died due to the sheer evil of bigots (let’s be real, JFK did not die from a magic bullet), were able to correct many of America’s grievous errors. And the children of that generation have turned out to vote and the grandchildren of that generation are turning out to vote. Guess what, O’Reilly?

    You cannot denegrate people and treat them like absolute crap, then belly-ache when they want nothing to do with you. Yes, the young vote, the female vote, the Hispanic vote and the black vote went to Barack Obama. All those people are Americans with a right to vote. All of them may be doctors, lawyers, teachers, military, disabled or anything else. It does not matter: America is a land for all people.

    It does not really need to be mentioned, but I will because I love wagging victory and truth in the face of idiotic bigots. The majority of people ‘getting free things’ from the government are white, Bill O’Reilly. The ‘establishment’ is suffering because greedy, exploitive bankers, businessmen like Mitt Romney and politicians like George W. Bush can’t think any further than what is best for themselves and their buddies. They are pocket men. If we want to fix America, we need to return to a country that has citizens who love America for America.

    Enough of newscasts, news websites and pundits who do not love this damned country. If you are a news anchor and in four years, cannot find one good thing to say about the president of the country, something is wrong. You are not working for America. You are a retard who does not recognize a vision, but only division. And the metalheaded dolts who work at Fox News should understand the importance of that concept, because it is a central tenet of the Bible they so desperately want to smear over every law and edict in Washington, D.C.

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”-Proverbs 29:18.

    Where there is no vision, the people perish, Bill O’Reilly. There is a reason the political climate is so volatile, so dark and Americans are depressed. It is because our central source of information is hijacked by radicals who work to destroy the opposite political party in this nation.

    Last night, Mitt Romney finally got around to conceding to Obama. While his teeth were gritted, he did say one thing: “Ann Romney and I pray for President Obama, and the future of America.” Just that one statement is where we need to be heading. Fox News, if you want to be part of this country, be encouraging. You have vast resources, a colorful cast of commentators and a big audience: but you are irresponsible. You are like a monkey who has stumbled onto a live cable tv set. Will you continue to fling crap at Americans, seeing how much you can turn our stomachs and make us upset, or will you evolve into something greater, perhaps do something sensible that can surprise us all and make us feel good about this country.

    Barack Obama is not a perfect man or president: he does deserve his critisisms when due and it is vital the media always holds a president accountable. But when he does good, or perhaps his family has a great, classic moment, let us report on that too. Let’s not make America out to be a land torn by class warfare or the need to demonize our enemies. Regardless of incoome or station in life, we are all Americans. And if we keep tearing each other apart from the inside, we will destroy ourselves. One of the greatest presidents of all time, a Republican, said it himself:

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. – Abraham Lincoln

    Fox News, stop destroying America. You are making us falter. You are making Americans give up freedom, hope and unity. You will be recognized as a central cause of destroying this county, and heaven help you when the court of public opinion casts that mantle upon you.

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