• Egyptian President Morsi Claims Sweeping New Powers, Declares Himself New Pharoah

    November 23, 2012 5:56 pm 2 comments
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  • Egyptian President Morsi has just declared himself a New Pharoah, boasting sweeping new powers that include glowing eyes, invincibility and ability to make others bend to his will with just a shake of her serpent staff.

    Such powers are terrifying and immoral, yet somehow after nearly 2,000 years the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has unlocked the same abilities that King Pharoah from the Bible used to subdue and torment the children of Israel.

    In the days of the old pharoahs, God sent Moses to scare King Pharoah and his corrupt army into submission. Through a series of plagues and wonders, God proved his power to the Egyptian people and let them know devil powers are but a cheap parlor trick next to his own ability. When Pharoah continued to defy God, we all know the story where God tricked him into walking his army into the Red Sea (that Moses was allowed to part) so that he could drown him only moments later.

    Pharoah Morsi should pay attention to his story, because his actions to master his sweeping new powers to terrify and torment the people of Egypt will not go unpunished. Moses may be long gone and looking down from heaven, but America still has plenty of nukes that can surely part the Red Sea and mark my words, there will be no Passover on Morsi’s house should he try to ruin young democracy for the rest of the Egyptian people.

    Nevertheless, the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to start a new cult of Pharoah Terror in Egypt is nearing completion. As they defiantly promised during the ending term of President George W. Bush’s historic reign , their mystic cult has somehow used science and dark magic to embue a man with demonic powers. We have entered a new age of pharoahs.

    Any fans of Stargate SG-1 know the trouble someone mimicking the powers of ‘Anubis’ or ‘Chronis’ can cause, so we are better off just wiping out all these parlor tricks and ruling Egypt with a strong iron hand.


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