• Irrefutable Proof That Barack Obama Is An Immortal like Highlander

    November 8, 2012 6:43 pm 20 comments
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  • Look upon the image to your right, and you will see the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  But behind him, you can see in this rare image a familiar face.  For the first time, we have uncovered absolute and irrefutable proof that Obama is supernatural.  His powers are more than those of normal man and that is what scares us Republicans so much.

    In time you can look beyond things like him being left-handed and questionably American, but you cannot deny pure, raw science!  In the time of 50 years, a man should age more than what we see with Obama!

    Look at his youthful hairline and lack of jimmy crow’s feet around his eyes!  If you look at his hand, you can tell he’s not even married at the time, meaning he was really robbing the cradle with poor Michelle Obama.

    Obama is immortal, he has inside him blood of kings.  But of which kings, you may ask.  We revealed this fact to you hard-headed liberals long ago, we told you he was a part of a long-line of Egyptian mystics.

    In the book of Exodus in the Bible, scripture tells of men who did magicks to try to make Moses’ feats before Pharoah not seem so impressive.  When Moses used the power of God to turn rivers into blood, unleash frogs and locust plagues and turn a staff into a snake, magicians in the royal family tried to reproduce these feats and at some points managed to perform cheap, Satanic imitations.

    But it was not until the Passover and Pharoah drowning in a sea that the Egyptians realized the truth power of God.  God is not a magician.  He is the Alpha and Omega.  The First and the Last.  The Beginning and the End.

    But Obama is the immortal son of Pharoah Arkhaneten, a ‘god-king’ who made a deal with Satan to assure his ‘blood’ would always reign.  It is this devil pact that gave Barack Obama immoratality.  In ancient Egypt, Obama’s name was Kar-el, literally, the god of hearing (El means God, Kar meaning ‘He with big hearing, or, He with big ears that hears all’).  Obama was slated to become the god of hearing after the death of his father, but a great war with Rome prevented him from taking full reigns and he fled the Kingdom of Egypt.

    This may shock many of you readers to learn, so look upon Obama looking at an old hieroglyphic of himself.  Listen and hear him say, “That looks just like me!  Look at my ears!” when looking upon the ancient drawing of himself.




    Time Magazine incorrectly speculated that Obama may have been King Arkhenaten reincarnated. Instead, research shows that Obama is the son of Arkhenaten, a powerful mystic lord of ancient named Kar. Obama was granted immortality when Arkhenaten made a devil pact to ensure his ‘son, my blood’ shall one day live to rule over the most powerful kingdom.



    Kar-el, Barack Obama’s ancient name in Egypt. This image is a hieroglyphic of Obama in ancient Egypt news carving, the graph to his right being the approval rating Egypt’s ancient liberal media predicted would fall upon him during his reign. Abe Obama is a cloud of marijuana smoke, which he also legalized as a lord of Egypt.


    Kar-el Obama is immortal. With all the proof above, it is impossible for anyone to deny it, unless they do not acceptable empirical evidence. President Obama is an immortal and we must pray for the next four years, that America will not become brainwashed and in 2016, say goodbye to Obama by electing a Christian man into the White House to restore our nation and ask God forgiveness for letting an immoral rule over us all for 8 years total.

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