• Katy Perry Skintight Ballot Dress

    November 6, 2012 12:22 am 10 comments
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  • As we are at the dawn of the 2012 presidential elections, Democrats are pulling out all the stops to get last second votes for Barack Obama. Last week we caught Democrats rigging machines in Ohio and Florida, both swing states, to give Obama the edge in what is predicted to be a very close race. But just when you think their ethos could get no lower, we get today’s story about how the singing tempstress Katy Perry is wearing skintight dresses, allowing any guy who vows to ‘push Obama’ get a little ‘feeling push’ on whatever part of her body they want.

    Look at the suggestive word “Forward”. Democrats have a motto ‘Lean Forward” and it is all about promising men a ‘forward thrust’ should they only vote how Rachel Maddow and friends tell them. I’d like to see the stats, because I bet after all the voters Perry recruits by offering her easy-access body a ‘forward thrust’, she has more diseases that the CDC.

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