• Mitch Lucker Died Because He Worshipped Satan, Did Alcohol

    November 3, 2012 6:20 pm 101 comments
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  • by Mark E. Figs

    Mitch Lucker, probably high on Jim Daniel’s whiskey.

    Teens worldwide are mourning the death of death-core legend Mitch Lucker, frontman of Suicide Silence, who was killed in a motorcycle accident the day after Halloween. It’s reasonable to infer that those mourning (outside of his family) are immature children incapable of knowing the emotion needed to truly comprehend his death and are simply mourning him because of his ascribed status as the lead singer of a band. But that’d be irresponsible, right?

    As would stating that those proclamations of sadness are stupid and wasted due to the fact that he willingly operated his motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and not only took his own life, but endangered the lives of others, right?

    Don’t worry, I’d never say that. I recognize the tremendous importance this man’s life had, due to his singing in a “death-core” band.

    The sad truth is this — Mitch Lucker died because he strayed from the Lord, he chose to pursue darkness and not bask in the Lord’s endeavors. Covered in multiple tattoos, he desecrated his Holy Temple. Turning his back to the “Straight-Edge” drugless lifestyle he used to lead in favor of parties and numerous drugs and alcohol (which would end up taking his life.) And most of all, singing in the Satan-promoting band “Suicide Silence” which was such a filthy affront to God’s grace that I often vomit when I think of their “success.”

    Mitch Lucker died how he lived — too fast. He promoted the recklessness of hard-partying and secular aspirations. He sang about “pulling the trigger” and “You only live once, so go f***ing nuts!” His life was cut short and it was all his fault. If he hadn’t cared more about promoting Lucifer’s ideals and doing shots of liquor, he might still be here.

    Do you think God is proud of a band called “Suicide Silence” or the graphic Satan-imagery tht adorns their merchandise? Did God smile upon Mitch? No. And that is why Mitch Lucker is no longer alive, instead called before God to answer for his sins. Sins that include having premarital sex, doing drugs, and promoting Satan’s blasphemous message. The mindless teenagers that blindly worshipped him are now better off for not having such a wretched and warped front man to scream messages of sin and deceit to them at Warped Tour.

    Don’t mourn Mitch Lucker. Mourn the family he left behind, mourn the void he created in their lives, mourn the sadness that will engulf their lives as a result of his drunkeness.

    Drunk driving, drugs, and alcohol don’t mix and no matter how hard people try, it never will. How many men have to die before we realize that those vices lead to death and heartache?

    Mitch Lucker is dead, and it was all his fault.


    Mark E. Figs is an award-winning woodsman and Emmy-winning television writer. His episode of Frasier, “Frasier Attempts Suicide” is studied and taught in classes nationwide.

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