• Obama Voters Celebrate Their Free Gifts

    November 16, 2012 12:28 pm 16 comments
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  • First and foremost, I want to thank all of you who turned out and voted for team Romney/Ryan.  It was a tough stretch and we gave the White House a good run, but unfortunately we have learned that gaming the White Establishment vote is no longer a sure win technique to win the presidency.

    The day my father had warned me about, before I actually left for mission at my 20th birthday, has come upon this nation:  white, powerful men are no longer in control In America, the once fantastic corporation of enterprise where once you made it, you could use others as stepstools for further success, in crumbling apart.  This is a business in its death throes, my good friends.  America is a failing company and if you do not bail out now, you will sink with it and lose everything you’ve intested with it.

    For this reason I urge you to consider diversifying your investments into a more secure market, like outsourced Chinese labor.  With lax labor laws and a growing population hungry for survival, the nation is ripe for the picking and has potential billions in manufactured labor to be had for wise capital investment.

    Business aside, 53% of America was either foolish or greedy enough to elect Barack Obama as CEO.  Why a nation would choose a Marxist over myself, a father-made millionaire who is now worth nearly $300 million dollars is beyond me.  All of my sons are millionaires.  After she writes her memoirs, my wife herself may even earn decent money for a woman.  I hear book publishers pay out $50,000 sometimes a pop, just for writing those things.  But America turned down a family representing the modern dream, for a family of opportunist socialists.

    Barack Obama and Michelle Obama grow up paupers.  They are beggers and know what entails gaining the support of the poor ‘ghetto’ vote.  Unfortunately, young voters, black voters and Hispanics actually showed up to the polls.  Despite new I.D. laws, these people somehow still managed to pass the legal loophole and vote for Barack Obama.  These dire people did not vote on any important issues, like the need to ensure a woman’s womb is under government control, for the sake of prosperity, unborn children and our religious faith.  They do not care that seniors are wasting money on healthcare vis-a-vis Medicare, they do not care that the cycle of poverty is only strengthened by giving food and health care to the poor in this country.

    The best any person elevating above their caste can hope to achieve is what Barack Obama has done:  I will give him that.  But that is a one in a million shot.  We may as well tell every little Tyrone and Jama’al in the ‘hood’ that he will be first round draft pick for the New York Knicks.  It is just not going to happen.  Poor kids will tend to stay poor.  There is no need wasting money of hardworking, wealthy people on them:  they will get older, beg for alms and at best get a job at a local McDonalds or barber shop in their locale.  We must let these people be and figure life out on their own.

    The reality of the situation is tough to swallow for many, but quite frankly, it is true.  Sorry.  Obama knows it is true, yet appeased the very people destroying this nation with the idea of more free gifts.  He is giving poor people in this country free homes, free cellular phones, free food, free ‘austerity packages’ and has promised more things in the future.  Such grievous, flagrant displays of demogoguery remind me of a imperial Roman nightmare, where a Caesar deceives a nation of common plebs as he runs the army thin, the economy parched and flirts with destruction from the Arab world.

    As that message sinks in, look at these Obama voters.  They celebrate their ‘free gifts’.  As you read this from your office or perhaps iPhone as you wait for your financial investor to crunch your numbers for the week,  remember that in the time it took you to read this article, another 200 Jamals and 3000 Santiagos were conceived.  In 9 months, they will be receiving free Obama gifts too.  Goodbye, America, if this is the path you are going to choose.  It is a paradox:  you cannot fund a nation that increasinly creates freeloading moochers.  Eventually, the balance of finance is lost, the rich will leave and you end up with a welfare state full of riots, ethnic wars and chaos, much like you see in Greece right now.  With that though, enjoy the future you voted for:

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    Mitt Romney After losing to Barack Obama in 2016, I realized that some of the 53% of Americans that I would have protected are Biblical Judases and defected with the minorities, poors and other indifferent cast-offs who are dragging this nation down. Heaven help you as you all watch this corporation named America go bankrupt without me. By my friend on Facebook

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