• Stalking Cat Man Found Dead in Nevada Home

    November 15, 2012 1:09 pm 6 comments
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    stalking cat man

    The Stalking Cat Man, born Dennis Avner, has passed away in his Tonopah, Nevada, home.  He was only 54-years-old.  Going by his Native American animal spirit name ‘Stalking Cat Man’ after his career in the Navy, Avner received rewards and accolades for having the most extensive body modifications.  Avner’s goal was to make himself look and feel like a female tiger.  His teeth were sharpened and he had his fangs permanently added to his mouth.  He wore an attacked robotic tail, received many tattoos, silicone implants and more to achieve his look.

    While the official cause of death is not known, some insiders alledge that Avner may have committed suicide.

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