• There is a God: Psy Gangnam Style Dethrones Justin Bieber As Most Viewed YouTube Video with nearly 1 Billion Views

    November 26, 2012 7:47 am 7 comments
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    Several months ago, some colleagues threw a party that was all but too common:  mediocre drinks, casual chat and exchanged phone numbers.  But the D.J. from the party promised he was getting ready to play something ‘that we had to hear, because it’s the new thing’.  I was skeptical, expecting Berry Gordy’s cousin to start calling our cell phones with M.J. Fox riffs, but much to my surprise, I heard something a lot more random:  Gangnam Style.

    The song is a parody ditty by a South Korean named Psy, poking fun at a sector of elite in his country.  Going along with the flashy video (which I saw later) with the song are crazy dances, some of which my colleagues already knew and you have likely seen.  And the D.J. was right:  Psy and his Gangnam Style would go on to be a big hit, but not just because it is catchy in a Macerena way, but because it finally gives us Christians are strongest evidence yet that proves there is a God.

    Whether atheists want to take that tongue in cheek or not is up to them, but you have to admit that it feels good to wake up and no that that little twit, Justin Bieber, cannot go about thinking ‘Yeah, I have the most watched video on YouTube’, baby.  Sure, he’s still sprawling out sorority girls by the legion, has more money than all of us reading and writing will make in a lifetime and just won a shocking 9 music awards, but that little twerp is no longer the king of YouTube.  And somehow, someway, we have to unify around that and thank God or whatever deity/person you want.  Carl Sagan?  Sure, let us thank him and his eternal legacy too.

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