• Biblical Proof That all Americans Have Right to Bear Arms and Assault Weapons at Birth

    December 19, 2012 11:58 am 15 comments
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  • Photo: We are born with the right to BEAR ARMS.  It is a Biblical right for all Americans!

    If you are a clean American and reading this, you have the right to bear arms.  You sit in a home or office, perfectly safe and sound.  You do not have to worry about an invading army marching down our sidewalk, cowering and begging for mercy as did the French during Hitler’s invasion.  Every nation on Earth knows that the civilians of America can form a militia army, the same army that defeated the most oppresive empire in Earth’s history and become the first nation to claim independence from Great Britain.

    America’s second greatest right, right after our freedom to speak our minds, is the right to bear arms.  Atheists will try to lie and say the Constitution is not based on Biblical principle, but all of them want to deny our founding fathers were Christians who were acting under the influence of God.

    Every law in the Constitution is based on Biblical tradition.  Our laws regarding weapons are no different.

    Cain and Abel

    The liberal maniacs are trying their best to disarm America.  As we speak, China has threatened President Obama and demanded that all Americans lose our right to bear arms.  Why is China so suddenly interested in stealing our freedom and making sure America’s households have no weapons?

    The Chinese army is over 1 billion strong and as reported by Dr. August Weisz of the Seattle based Progressive Society for a Better America Institute, is showing strong bias in controlling America’s ability to defend itself.  China is jealous of America’s continued position as the premier economy and superpower of nations, even during a recession, and is ready to take aggressive means to become the dominant nation on Earth.

    The scenario that is playing out is the same scenario of Cain and Abel, in the Bible.  Abel was God’s chosen son, a man who happily gave his fattest calf to offer as burnt offering before his Creator.  Cain was greedy and petty, always looking to exploit a situation and murdered Abel out of jealousy.  Cain was primal than Abel and killed his brother.

    Cain did not have a gun.  Cain used a primitive, blunt-force object when killing his brother.  Be assured that if Abel had a gun, he could have defended himself against his lunatic brother.  What lesson do we learn from Cain and Abel, and as it is applied now, China and America?

    In Genesis Gen. 9:5-6, we see God did not ban weapons.  Though Cain did use a weapon against Abel, God did not jump to foolish conclusions like we see ABC news, Barack Obama and Joseph Biden trying to do right now.  God punished Cain, marking him a sinner and instituted capital punishment.  Guns do not kill people.  Blunt objects do not randomly levitate and choose to kill people.

    When it comes to murder, a deranged person chooses to find a way to kill.  To be dumb and foolish enough to think that banning assault weapons or a 1776 issue gun will get rid of that fact, is akin to being the most braindead, naive person on Earth.

    Human history tells us a simple truth:  some people are prone to murder other human beings.  The problem is not gun control:  rarely do people who legitimately own and respect guns commit violence.  If guns are so widespread in America, where we can buy them at a Wal-mart, wouldn’t we have a tragedy like Sandy Hook three times a day if gun violence were truly something widespread and caused simply by owning guns?

    The problem is that crazy people will find ways to execute evil.  Did we really expect people to use airplanes as a weapon to murder over 3,000 people on 9/11?  Were the good people of Oklahoma prepared to see tragedy after a deranged man improvised an explosive device to inflict damage on innocent, good people?

    Americans who are good should not be punished and lose their rights, just because we have mentally ill, violent or criminal people who would hurt others beyond the scope of law.

    Exodus 22:2-3 states: “If the thief is found
    breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his
    bloodshed. If the sun has risen on him, there shall be guilt for his bloodshed.
    He should make full restitution; if he has nothing, then he shall be sold for
    his theft.”

    Exodus 22:2 is the foundation for the right to defending one’s property (in Declaration of Independence and Constitution) and in a more modern application, the popular stand-your-ground law.

    Many states recognize a person’s need and right to defend their home from a break-in or robbery, allowing the home owner to use physical force to ensure the safety of their family.  If a rapist is wandering through your house at 2am in Kansas, knife held to the throat of your daughter, you have a right to use whatever force to get him out of your house.  Pleading and begging only go so far.  In that case, a use of a gun for personal defense could be warranted.

    As Proverbs 25:26, puts it: “A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well.”

    If you are trying to defend your family from a violent thief with logic and rhetoric, you are a damned fool.  Deranged lunatics who intend to harm do not respond to words.  If the opposite were true, the United States would not need an Army.  We could have talked Hitler down from the atrocities of the Holocaust.  We would not hear numerous stories about terrorists strapping bombs to themselves to blow up malls, restaurants and civic buildings.  Humanity would all skip around, holding hands and basting in unicorn sunshine and pastel colored bunny happiness.

    But we all know that in reality, there will always be some people who are evil and we must at all times have an ultimate defense for ourselves, at a home level and a national level.  This is why the founding fathers gave the American public the right to bear ams, including assault weapons, for at times your home may need to be defended.  At times, it may be your city or your country.

    Do not forget, America has the right to form a militia and as we seen right now in Syria, overturn our own government should it ever be ruled by an oppressive and human-rights violating dictator.  That task would already be tough, but it would be near impossible if armed only with Rachel Maddow or John Stewart’s snark, Huffpost’s liberal spoutings of naive nonsense or rocks and stones.  We must have guns to defend freedom.

    The founding fathers granted us the right and we must never let it be taken away.

    Ezekiel 18:20″the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon himself” .

    The liberal media is trying to make good people who own guns or even make guns the criminals in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre?  Why should a good man who owns guns fairly and uses them to hunt, shoot clay pigeons or simply to defend his home, or simply just because the Constitution grants him the right, be punished for the actions of one Adam Lanza?

    Should we throw every producer of fertilizer in the electric chair and make cows illegal in America, since Timothy McVeigh used cow manure to make an explosive device that killed innocent people?  The logic is the same.  Bombs have far more deadly impact than guns and quite frankly could be easier to transport and use to inflict mass casualty before offing oneself.  Why would we be in the habit of creating a witch-hunt for those not responsible for a crime, unless there was an underlying bias and politicking?

    Just like some Christian fanatics hate atheists or science as a default setting, for no real reaosn, there are liberal politicians who hate guns for no reason other than they have always hated them and have an underlying desire to see them gone from the hands of their ‘enemies’, namely Republicans, ‘good ol’ boys’ and the NRA.  In their minds, there is some ideaological battle that must be won, when in reality, there is no battle that needs to be fought amongst ourselves.

    Law-abiding citizens are just fine with guns.  Scientists are just fine teaching evolution.  Atheists have every right to say there is no ‘God’ and that the Bible is not proof we should have rights to guns.  None of these thoughts are actions are harmful and all is protected by the Constitution.

    But the day an atheist, citizen, scientist or any other person commits an act of violence, then they become a criminal.  Their actions do not make gun-ownership, atheism, science or Constitutional law errant or bad, it just makes themselves bad.  And it is them, and those like them, we must learn how to handle.

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