• Catfish Walks on Land to Eat Pigeons

    December 7, 2012 2:03 pm 20 comments
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  • The beaching catfish is the latest threat to Creationist teaching, as we can clearly see in this video. The fish has somehow learned how to beach itself in shallow water, nearly ‘walking’ on land so that it can eat birds.

    Atheists are naturally hailing this as proof of evolution, citing that somehow that genes of this creature have improved themselves to the point that it can hunt in such a manner. Schoolbooks will soon herald this fish as proof of Darwinian evolution, saying that all animals are the result of billions of years evolution and that our ancestors all emerged from the great waters, much like we see this fish, and those of our ancestors who eventually had developed leg-like appendages and ability to survive outside water (the first amphibians) stood a stronger chance for survival and multiplied their genes.

    This is of course all preposterous. For all we know, some genetic scientists could have created a chimera that has properties of a catfish and a frog. Note how the fish still shallows itself back into the water, for in its mind given by GOD it knows it is a fish and never, in a million years, belongs on land! This animal will never evolve the ability to become a human like scientists predict can happen. Never!

    I propose we fund a mission and fly down to where this fish species lives and have ourselves a good catfish fry. Nothing good comes from fish like this but good eating. I will happily go down there with my fishing poles and stink bait, so that this little ‘process’ of evolution is wiped out and atheists cannot manipulate it to make it seem like creationism is bogus and evolution is real.

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