• Drugged Driving Causes 50% Increase in Traffic Accidents, Colorado Stoners and /r/trees to Blame

    December 12, 2012 6:30 am 12 comments
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  • Denver, Colorado – Only weeks after the powerful Reddit /r/trees political lobby flexed its muscle and forced Democrat lawmakers to push for marijuana legalization in ‘at least two “green” states’, the number of traffic accidents and fatalities in Washington State and Colorado have sharply increased.  New studies released by the Family Research Council reveal the new incidence of ‘drugged driving’, that is, people who driving while under the intoxicating influence of marijuana are to blame.

    Marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug. Studies prove the illicit compound activates the same dopamine reward pleasure center of the brain in ways similar to alcohol, heroine and cracked cocaine. This is what makes marijuana addiction and abuse so tough to break.  If this fact was not terrifying enough, the long-term effects of marijuana are residual and non-fading, meaning that after a few ‘tokes’ of a ‘dime spliff’ (a unit of measurement for marijuana, similar to fluid ounces but measures air content), a person can remain high for a total of 7 to 10 days, just off a few hits.  In that length of time, a person may drive a car dozens of times.

    Imagine a scenario where a person who is drunk at a party does not sober up for ten days?  What dangerous decisions could that person make in that length of time.  In Coloardo, we do not have to imagine that scenario because the people there are being inundated in plumes of marijuana smoke, the second-hand wafts of it being just as potent as that smoked directly.  In essence, people in Colorado are all a bit ‘high’ right now and are driving under the influence of drugs to some degree.

    Drugged driving is a growing crisis.  It is making roads unsafe and is endangering the lives of you and your children.  Before we terrified Californians into voting against ‘green head shops’ where teenaged children were buying ‘magic mint’ by the dime spliff sack load, getting drugged on it and then doing wreckless driving, there was a 58% increase in traffic accidents in their demographics.  California’s reasearch into the troubling trend found that teens and even adults were more prone to drive drugged than drunk, proving that driving under the influence of marijuana is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.  Both are bad, but driving while drugged by marijuana is worse.

    New laws in Colorado are allowing people to get drunk on marijuana, creating a new dangerous trend being coined ‘drugged driving’. In the past week, traffic accidents have increased by 43% in the Denver metro alone and reports all show that marijuana legislation is to blame. Reddit’s /r/tree lobby remains unapolegetic and quiet on the issue that they created.

    The unfortunate statistic we are seeing in Colorado and Washington already match the cold, hard facts that we know about marijuana users and their wreckless driving habits. In February 2012, USA today posted a research study that proves marijuana drivers are 50% more likely to cause a deadly traffic accident than a drunk. This is because marijuana smokers are usually coy and secretive, thinking a few splashes of Axe body spray or rubbing down their body with incense suddenly makes them ‘not high’ anymore. This deranged thinking puts their compromised brains on the road, making them more likely to get into an accident. People drunk on alcohol are more likely to seek a designated driver and according to several studies, may have faster reaction times than those who smoke.

    Scientific American goes into more detail on the subject, showing that in addition to causing a 50% higher chance of crashing a car, that cars driven by drugged drivers have a 100% greater chance of being involved in a serious car crash. Car crashes where marijuana smokers are to blame are always serious and usually fatal.

    Why Are Marijuana Drivers More Deadly Than Drunk Drivers

    THC affects areas of the brain that control the body’s movements, balance, coordination, memory, and judgment, as well as sensations. Because these effects are multifaceted, more research is required to understand marijuana’s impact on the ability of drivers to react to complex and unpredictable situations.

    A meta-analysis of approximately 60 experimental studies—including laboratory, driving simulator, and on-road experiments—found that behavioral and cognitive skills related to driving performance were impaired in a dose-dependent fashion with increasing THC blood levels.12

    Evidence from both real and simulated driving studies indicates that marijuana can negatively affect a driver’s attentiveness, perception of time and speed, and ability to draw on information obtained from past experiences.

    A study of over 3,000 fatally injured drivers in Australia showed that when marijuana was present in the blood of the driver, he or she was much more likely to be at fault for the accident. Additionally, the higher the THC concentration, the more likely the driver was to be culpable.

    Research shows that impairment increases significantly when marijuana use is combined with alcohol.Studies have found that many drivers who test positive for alcohol also test positive for THC, making it clear that drinking and drugged driving are often linked behaviors. This is because marijuana is a gateway drug for alcohol, heroin, cracked cocaine and Uncle Tweety’s LSD liquid flipper.
    It is important to note that drugged driving and drunk driving are equally bad choices and should not be done.
    National Drug Database

    Marijuana afficianados often leave their windows rolled up while drugging and driving, a technique they call ‘hotboxing’. As this picture proves, the smoke obscures their view while also damaging their mind with the concentrated chemical THC, making them the most deadly drivers on the road.

    The terrible truth being hidden by democrats and their lobby groups is something we understood long ago.  If someone years ago would have told me that we would see headlines about 100s and 100s of American teenage boys and girls would become hopeless drug addicts that caused 50% more serious traffic accidents, I would not have believed it.

    I would not have believed that Reddit.com /r/trees political lobby would push their muscle in D.C. to coerce ‘test states’ where marijuana legalization would be allowed to just test the effect on economy.  Is there any worth that can be placed on a human life?

    The terrible truth is quite simple:  marijuana IS a gateway drug that is only two steps away from heroin.

    The effects on driving is scientifically proven and beyond the dangers on the road, marijuana doping also leads to obesity, resultant heart failure and even lifestyle choices such as poverty and prostitution.

    Marijuana is a horrible substance that should be burned off the face of the Earth, because it poses a danger to us all.

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