• Dumbass Reactionary Americans, Stop Giving Away Your Gun Rights Over Sandy Hook Tragedy

    December 15, 2012 8:42 am 90 comments
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  • Today’s political posturing by the dumbass, reactionary left-wing media and politicians was inevitable. Somewhere in the course of America’s history, there are some slope-browed, Cro-magnon, knuckle-dragging dolts who think that our Constitutional Rights are something to be trampled upon. These are the people who cried foul and swore America was a fascist state at the mere mention of the Patriot Act, but today will march and join Mayor Bloomberg in saying that guns should be outlawed in the nation where everyone has a standard ‘right to bear arms’ if competent.

    All of our hearts are broken over the Sandy Hook massacre. May the families of all affected find some sort of comfort in all the love, empathy and compassion we have for them. This is the absolute worst nightmare for any and every parent in this nation. There is no way to absorb the magnitude of this tragedy, the hurt over the loss of life and innocence. The feeling of pain and anguish I have for the students of Sandy Hook I can only compare to the loss I felt during 9/11, weeping for the loss and wondering if my family were among those who died. And they were.

    During the course of all this though, we must remember one thing. In the face of adversity, in the face of evil monsters who seek to rule our way of life with terror, we must not relent on our rights. I am a Republican and fought against every abridgement of our rights to ‘protect against terror’. And right now, I am not going to join rank and file with the people who cannot see or understand that giving away our guns, our one protection not only against a tyrannical, fascist state of police, but also, foreign invasion (review history, every nation ‘understands’ the fact that every US home could be armed during a land invasion), because the sheer evil of people like the Sandy Hook shooter or the shooter in the Oregon mall the day before.

    America, look around the globe. Guns exist and unarmed populations will always be terrorized. In Israel and Palestine, not everyone has guns, yet massive explosions in markets, physican assault with stones and knives are the norm. In many African nations, the populace is not arm and local militias who do get arms (most usually from governments) commit genocide, rape, intimidation and murder at a whilm, just because their AK-47s have no real match.

    In the face of adversity, you would be surprised how far the power of a gun can go. It is easy to not appreciate our right to bear arms, when the nation seems so relatively stable. Ask any person from the Greatest Generation, however, what it means for a nation’s stability to easily fall apart and for a fascist regime to take power. The resistance of various European countries, who fell to Hitler, were more than desperate for guns. In Amercia, during our fight for initial freedom, guns were paramount to victory. Let us not forget that the Civil Wars success teetered on availability of arms.

    There is a reason that the Constitution has our right to always and ultimately defend our homes. We must respect that right and treat it as sacred. When there are those who spoil that right with their evil acts, we must find a way to protect society from them, not punish and jeopardize the lives of Americans who follow the law.

    It is my firm belief that people should not enter elementary schools until securely passing a metal detector. If we are going to keep our children secure, we cannot assume guns are the only means of them being attacked. People could plant explosive devices in our schools. Someone wielding a knife could commit unknown amounts of terror. What of some ‘parent’ poisoning our children’s lunches. Evil knows no end: if someone wants to commit violence, they can easily do it without guns. Look at the history of the world, outside of America, and you will quickly realize that one point.

    Liberal media, especially HuffPost and Mayor Bloomberg, if you cannot realize the need for guns, take your short-sighted, naive politicking nonsense to a third-world African dictatorship with a peace sign on your shirt and flowers of brotherhood in your hand, and see how long it takes you before you have a room full of terrorists holding a knife to you, making a terror video about how you will be tortured unless the US complies with some random demands.

    Then realize, that brand of ‘horror’ is always just a few clicks from happening in any nation. America’s best security is the possibility that our population can defend itself. And like hell we should ever give that freedom away. Some facts:

    To the people posting the “Last Year 10,728 people died due to guns” graphic.
    Last year over 33,000 people died due to cars. Where is that graphic and outrage?
    Gun violence doesn’t even make the top 10 causes of death in this country. Yes, the shooting today is a tragedy, but guess what…

    1. Murder is already illegal

    2. An estimated 2.5 million people use guns in self defense every year
    3. Guns can’t kill anyone on their own, but gun control has been responsible for approximately 170 million deaths.

    Just a little perspective for the knee jerk emotional reactionaries.

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