• God Creates 12/12/12 to Let us Know Obama is Twice as Bad (2 x 666)

    December 12, 2012 5:13 am 53 comments
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  • God has once again turned to mathematics to give the world a clear, divine sign of a great danger to us all.  Mathematics is mysterious and we all know that our Creator works in mysterious ways that can only be translated and interpreted by his clergy here on Earth.  That is where I come in to give this message unto you, my dear flock.

    Today is 12/12/12.  We all know the number of Satan is 666.  This is the second term of Barack Hussein Obama who just happens to be serving during this term.  If you combine those facts together, you get 6 6 6 x 2 which is 12 12 12.  The mark of the beast has been amplified by two because America refused to vote for Mitt Romney, a man who has Christian values and principles.

    Only days after re-election, Obama manifested his wizard powers by summoning a giant ball of energy, showing off his Ra Egyptian pharoah offspring devil powers.

    In this image from WhiteHouse.gov, Obama mocks the miracles of Christ by somehow walking on the Pacific Ocean’s waters while manifesting an “Obama’ halo around his head.

    As the end times draw nearer, look for Obama to perform more dark miracles to prove his power and that he has supernatural ability.  The Bible has already warned us all about this in Revelation, and being stiffnecked, the new atheist power elite in America failed to be ruled by our fearful warnings and now God is going to judge us for letting this unholy wizard become president two times in a row.

    As 12/12/12 progresses, beware and we will keep you updated as Obama performs his dark miracles throughout the day.


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