• Golden Eagle Tries To Snatch Baby, Drops Goats Off Cliff Instead

    December 19, 2012 12:14 am Comments Off
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  • Golden eagles may be the most rotted, dicked animal on Earth. Cats are bad, but golden eagles are worse. At this point, I usually use words to bring detail into my thesis, but today we only need to turn to youtube to see how evil this animals truly can be.

    In video number one, you will witness a golden eagle trying to lift a baby off to its nest for a meal. Fortunately, being a complete prick, the eagle drops the baby in efforts to kill it. This gave bystanders enough time to shoo the giant bird away.

    In the later videos, when the eagle is dropping cute goats down the side of cliffs to mangle their bodies for an easy meal, you can see what it was trying to do to the child. Other videos will help show you why our new war must be making golden eagles go extinct.

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