• Hillary Clinton Ill After Being Infected With Pokerus. Pokemon To Blame

    December 11, 2012 12:16 pm Comments Off on Hillary Clinton Ill After Being Infected With Pokerus. Pokemon To Blame
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  • Comrades,

    I bring you news of the political world of things in regards to Miss Hillary Clinton being ill. Her office staff was kinda enough to let us know that she is recovering from the Japanese stomach virus called pokerus. One can catch this virus simply by eating oriental foods and having contact with oriental folk during the holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving and also and of course Christmas.

    The Japanese have developed a way to transfer their vile stomach virus through the new pokemon black and white 2 games and what better way to spread a deadly stomach virus than through our children! Honestly, those Japanese are vile creatures using our children to spread their filthy viruses to our political leaders. How low can you get? A recent look under a microscope revealed the image of the pokerus that has infected Miss Hillary Clinton and that has made her ill. So ill, as a matter of fact, that she had to cancel her Moroccan trip! This pokerus is dangerous!

    The Pokemon Virus, Pokerus

    The pokerus is easily spread through our children and then to us. It is simple medical science knowledge. They developed a special pokemon in the new black and white 2 games called ‘Pokerus’. Plain and simple. If you catch your children playing the pokemon games and you hear them mention pokerus, snatch that damned game away and send them to their room. Sanitize the game in fire from whence it came!

    Now here we see Miss Hillary Clinton starting to feel the effects of the pokerus at one of the political functions in which the Japanese were present. It is very possible that they shook her hand as a sign of respect when they really just wanted to infect her with this deadly stomach virus. Luckily for us, she has a fine doctor and has treated her accordingly. Her office staff has reported that she is on her way to recovery after being given fluids.

    Miss Hillary Clinton at a political function as she’s starting to feel the effects of the Japanese stomach virus, pokerus

    It is the Japanese company Nintendo Studios that constantly funds these damned pokemon games and that they hide secret ways to take out our political leaders! This behavior is simply unacceptable! All I can say is that all of you parents out there who fund your children addiction to the pokemon franchise, you should be charged with treason as an attempt to murder the polictical leaders of this great country of America! You fund them to sneak in stomach viruses and God only knows what else into their games. Be cautious this Christmas season. Use your brain and think about what and who you’re funding this holiday season.

    Happy Holidays and Happy new Year to all of you loyal fans out there! God Bless.

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