• Kim Jong Un Voted Time’s 2012 Funniest Man on Earth, Edges out Jim Carrey

    December 12, 2012 7:37 am 4 comments
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  • Kim Jon Un and pop-singer Psy pose for a North Korea versus South Korea pair-up, Un loosening back on tensions with South Korea in this humorous photograph.  Un’s brilliant timing in media opportunities poking self-deprecating humor to raise media attention for his country has him listed as this year’s Funniest Man on Earth, 2012. 

    Kim Jong Un, the new dictator of North Korea, has become a media darling.  Still gloating after being named Time’s 2012 Sexiest Dictator of the Year, Kim Jong-Un has another award to add to his collection:  Time’s 2012 Funniest Man on Earth.

    One of the electoral representatives of the vote, movie producer Judd Apathow, made a convincing case for comedian Jim Carrey.  Coming from a background that exemplifies a rags to riches story, Carrey’s storied career has brought laughter and joy to millions of homes worldwide.  With Carrey’s movie background and excellent year, it would seem time to give him a lifetime achievement award by being named this year’s funniest man on Earth.

    But moments before Time finalized its voting, Kim Jong Un took action and launched a long-rage missile that terrified about every member nation of the U.N., creating a stream of media headlines in its wake.  An upset and distraught White House vehemently threatened and chided North Korea for the missile launch, while South Korea and Japan have gone on high-alert.

    In response to the international political uproar, Kim Jong Un tweeeted the following picture of himself, launching the ‘deadly’ long range missile.  He captioned the picture “Why so serious America?  It just a wittle rocket toy, R.O.R.”.  We can only guess R.O.R. was Kim Jong Un doing an anagram play on the accent Americans typify to those of west Asian descent, the anagram standing for Raughing out Roud (laughing out loud, or, L.O.L.).  The masterful timing of Un’s tweeted pic and commentary is remniscent of comedian Dave Chappelle in its exquisite cultural humor.


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