• The Blacks Will Kill Us All: “Django Unchained” Review

    December 12, 2012 5:10 pm 14 comments
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  • By Mark E. Figs.

    Kill Whitey, kill kill kill all crackers — a line from “Django Unchained”

    After 300 years, you’d think the black would be over slavery. We have given them shelter, equal  access to materials and services, and every chance to succeed in Christ’s AMERICA, yet they still wanna trot around like darn buffoons and act like uncivilized baboons. They want to promote the senseless killing of white Christians, and disguise it under the guise of “satire” or “comedy. This Christian will NOT have any of it.

    “Django Unchained” is the story about how an angry young Negro played by Black Panther sympathizer and Obama supporter Jamies Foxx, goes around murdering white people for “stealing” his wife.  Taking human life because of his inability to keep a proper Christian home… Well, listen bud, my friends and I don’t form search parties and ride around murdering blacks when our cars are stolen, or our tax dollars are abused! Murder?! That is sin. It’s a sin against God to destroy any of the precious life which he creates. Yet these urban hip non-Christian Blacks are just reviling in it, laughing and hollering about “killin’ crackers.”  I am sick.

    This whole concept – murdering those who have stolen from you – is symbolic of what Jamie Foxx wants other young urban blacks to do. “Django” is an Nigerian word for “dark-skinned laborer” and the “Unchaining” refers to Blacks “freeing themselves” from the power of society and the law — in essence creating a lawless society that is full of murder, and goes against God’s holy law written in the Bible.

    He wants the blacks to “rise up” and “strike down” the whites, who he associates with former slave owners. And for what? Because of slavery, which happened hundreds of years ago? Boo hoo! Christ has given Blacks every opportunity to succeed in America. Look at our professional sports leagues – filled with negro athletes who use every chance they get to showcase their genetic talents!

    This movie is going to be very problematic for the Christian community. First, it’s going to put all of us on watch. We will no longer be safe in public because of trigger happy teens like Trayvon Martin who decide that their personal needs outweigh the greater good of society. Second, we will continue to be persecuted. Jim Crow is far past and since then we have granted Negroes the same rights as every else, we’ve done everything possible to even the playing field, but still we’re treated like minorities. Disgusting. After all the college opportunities and financial gains we’ve given to the Blacks, they turn around and threaten the welfare of our Christian society. Sickening.

    More importantly, murder rates are going to skyrocket, because of the blacks desire and need to kill and satiate their blood lust, a blood lust stoked by this hateful movie. These crimes will be met with political indifference because our PRESIDENT, Obama IS BLACK. These murders are JUST what he wants to continue the genocide of Christian White Americans so his Muslim society can flourish. He will appoint the Black Panther Party to positions of political leadership because all of the white Christians have been exterminated.

    When’s the last time you saw a hateful Christian advocating for the complete extermination of an entire group of people? Exactly, NEVER.

    This could be OUR Holocaust Americans, and we need to STAND up! Will we listen and let these Negroes bathe in our Christian blood? Or we pray that God strengthens us so that we may repel any potential attack on us and our character by roving gangs of militant blacks?!

    After Django is released, you should lock your door, load up on your guns, and say your prayers. You’re going to need it once the blacks decide to “unchain” themselves.


    Mark E. Figs is a nationally recognized scholar of Christian Astrology, and best-selling author. His articles have appeared in over 45 national publications. He is currently working on a screenplay that features Jesus as a hard-nosed detective, entitled “Jesus Cop, Part 2.” He tweets daily.


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