• Twins Fighting in Womb Revealed by New MRI, The Story of Cain and Able

    December 3, 2012 9:16 am 2 comments
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  • A new type of MRI called oversampling reveals video of twins fighting in the womb, delivering another glancing blow against secularists who beleive life does not start in the womb.  Taken in London, England, the video reveals that in the womb, twins joust and elbow for more room in the womb, showing competition and survival are innate characteristics exhibited by humans before birth.

    The MRI scanning is a very specialized technique that can be used to find potential problems with birth or twin sets, though it should be noted that the majority of births proceed withour error or flaw.  In addition to helping parents find if they have anything wrong or just to get a look at their future little joy bundles, this technology can also be used to help prove and visually show just how active our children are before birth and that aborting them should definitely be illegal.

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