• We Are Not Murderers, Mr. Scalia – George Takei

    December 14, 2012 12:34 pm 7 comments
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  • This past Monday, when speaking at Princeton University, Justice  Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court made a grotesque and astonishing  statement. In response to a student’s question about his  unyielding support of laws that would ban consensual sexual  relations between gay people, even in the privacy of their own  homes, Justice Scalia responded, “If we cannot have moral  feelings against homosexuality, can we have it against murder?”

    I know it is not Takei Tuesday quite yet, but the words of George Takei are probably the best formed statement following the commentary Justice Scalia gave in a round-about defense of DOMA.

    Often times I take flak from my colleagues for leaning ‘too liberal’ on the issue of gay marriage. If I have children, my societal expectation is that my sons will marry women and they will go on in happy lifes, producing grandchildren. My daughters will do vice-versa. I will be proud.

    But what if one my sons come to me and says, “I am gay”. What if, much like the beefy flip-flopper Dick Cheney, one day my daughter comes to me and says, “I am a man trapped in a woman’s body.” What do I do?

    Accuse them of being no good murderers, Justice Scalia?

    Sure, the ‘what if’ scenarios are fallacy in any respected man of law’s eyes, but so is comparing murder to homosexuality. The entire ‘moral compass’ argument is complete rubbish and the highest source of law in the land knows that very well. It is one thing to have personal opinion and standards, as there are many Christian values I hold (such as my innate expectations of my kids) that many would see as archaic and offensive, yet it is an entirely different subject to really say two men loving each other or two women doing so is the same as murder.

    Yes, we can cherry-pick Biblical scripture that says man who lays with man is abomination. There are also scriptures in that proxy that say slaves should be happy and subservient to their masters. Are we going to tell all African-American people to get back to the cotton fields, or they are no better than murderers? I am sure the President of the United States would not agree to that one. Justice Clarence Thomas may get a little bit grumpy over that assertion as well.

    Or maybe it is the women, they are to remain in silence. How immoral is it that we disobey the Bible and let people like Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, so many foreign women dignitaries and even that woman Justice Sonia Sotomayor preside over the direction of our politics and future! Remain in silence, women! If that is a moral standard, based on Biblical tradition or cultural heritage, should these women be considered no better than murderers?

    I always knew something was suspicious about that Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

    In all seriousness, the time of progress is here. We all have our long-held beliefs, but I believe in a God and Bible of logic. We may think people sinners and think their lifestyles are vile, but is there any real, true reason — beyond religion — that homosexual people should be held in such low regard as implying their acts are akin to murder. I really do not think that is what Jesus was going for in the New Testament?

    Christ broke bread with prostitutes, made kind words with sinners. Offered faith to all who repented of sins and believed in him. Religion is personal, Jesus is personal. Johhny Cash made reference of a pesonal Jesus and quite frankly, I think if we keep our religious beliefs ‘personal’ and let the applications of Christ’s love shine out from us, we would have a better world. We would have a nation where our leaders would be more prone to break bread with those they do not agree with, and find a way to understand their lifestyles on an issue like this.

    Gay people are equal and they want rights. I think they can make good parents, they can have great homes and be just as loving as any man and woman. You know, maybe they could even be Christians. Shocker! That is between them and God.

    And in the end of days, how we treat and judge other people, that will be between us and God. My hope is that God sees the compassion and understanding of God in my heart and my actions, and every little thing that I do that was not quite Biblical isn’t put on par with murderers.

    I hope that same judgement falls upon every single person, Justice Scalia.

    Compassion. Understanding. Fairness.

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