• Why I Say “Bitch” And The War On Men.

    December 7, 2012 4:24 pm 45 comments
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  • By Mark E. Figs

    (An angry Negress, upset that her Negro husband would not give her the car keys to go be in the “Bad Girls Club.”)

    Everywhere you look, men are being attacked and persecuted for having penises and muscular strength. Certain words or phrases that we used to be able to say freely and with a proud sense of honor, words  like “bitch” “whore” “harlot” “slutty maidservant” and “sandwich machine” are labeled as wrong and misogynistic, and are met with disapproving comments.

    Society has pounded the idea into our heads that celebrating masculinity is a faux pas digression from acceptable social behavior — behavior that includes unequally worshiping the “virtues” of women and allowing them to hold positions previously held by men such as: screenwriter, president, grocery store manager, cab driver, comedian and pastor.

    I’ll tell you one thing, I’m only worshiping GOD and he is NO women. And I’ll tell you another thing — Despite the liberal war on men, I will continue to say BITCH and say it PROUDLY.

    Why is our society comprised of feminine worry-warts that celebrate the neutering of masculinity? Is it Obama’s insistence on presenting his wife as some sort of “icon?” Is it the media’s love affair with undeserving gluttonous luminaries like Lena Dunham? Is it because of Liberal-emphasis in the classroom?

    Why am I not allowed to refer to a women as a bitch? Is she not lower than me in the social hierarchy? Did God not make women from man’s rib? Without men, women would not exist — yet look at the scourges of uppity women that attempt to “put men in their place,” and assert some false sense of feminine identity! Why do women want men to suffer, have we not suffered enough?

    Throughout history, men have been the most PERSECUTED sex, hands down. The Civil War, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, heck even Jesus’s crucifixion — all men who died. Men. Not women. So remind me again why I should curry favor to a sex who up until the early 1900’s didn’t even care enough to VOTE?
    The media and society has thrust this inequality into men’s faces and encouraged women to discourage men from embracing their masculine identity. Take HBO’S “Girls” for an example, which is hailed as a “comedic tour-de-force” that is “most certainly NOT mumblecore.” It is described as  a “hilarious yet harrowing yet funny yet depressing yet brilliant yet dismal yet encouraging yet bleak yet comedic sitcom.” The show’s creator, Lena Dunham, has the physique of a garbage bag full of wet leaves, yet is lauded as a “comedic giant” and “literary talent.”  (Talent that you can’t FIND anywhere — outside of a fifth grade classroom.)

    What about her work is so “witty?” Is it because the women describe their fears, hopes and dreams? Because her works have scenes of graphic sex or drug use? Or is it because she is a WOMAN who has somehow found a way to get paid 3.7 million dollars to publish what is nothing more than a diary? “Girls” is nothing more than a serialized argument for castration and advocates misandry.

    Unfortunately, misandry is alive and well. Men will continue to be persecuted by the PC police. Forgotten are the stories of the Bible, stories full of great MEN who stood up in the face of injustice and horror, replaced rather by a constant reminder that women are (somehow) superior to men. That men didn’t sacrifice their lives so that women could enjoy a free America.

    An America that wants to jail you for saying “bitch.”

    I will continue to say “bitch.” It’s a proper and adequate term to describe insolent women. It was designed to put women in their place (which is to be subservient to their male partners, as described by the Bible) and remind them that they do not live for themselves, but to repopulate the Earth and keep their husband, the HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD, happy. They are birthing vessels, simple creatures that have only a few purposes in life.

    I was taught by my father, who was taught by his father, who was taught by his father, who was taught BY GOD that the key to a happy household is rigid social structure and keeping the woman reminded that her existence was not all that complicated; no interests in politics or entertainment, no far-reaching dreams, no zany ambitions — cooking, cleaning, birthing and worshiping. That’s it and that’s all.

    Why do we keep forgetting this? Why do we strive to disrupt God’s perfect balance and harmony? Do we desire his wrath? Why do we allow women to think that they are deserving of a high status of which they do not deserve?

    Bitches, everyone of them.



    Mark E. Figs is an award-winning taxidermist who has won several awards for his work with small, woodland creatures. He has recently published an inspirational motivation book, “Jesus Came: How Jesus Bred Me To Be Full Of Him.” He lives in Chicago with his pet corgi’s, Cain and Abel.


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