• Why Obamacare Will Bankrupt America

    December 3, 2012 8:04 pm 2 comments
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    Americans have a tendency of being altruistic. Despite being built upon the principles of rugged individualism and advantageous capitalism, America has progressed into a country that takes responsibility where it does not have to do so.

    The United States regularly funds billions to foreign nations, intercedes to relieve countries during a crisis and has stepped up to the plate in the midst of oppressive war and destruction. In American society, it is expected that neighbors help neighbors. But the question has become, to what extent.

    Many have lambasted America for not having social healthcare. How can a country that generates so much money, spends so much on military, not have a national healthcare system like Europe or Canada?

    That question may sound reasonable for any naive college mind who sees the world of charity as a spectrum of absolutes. In their mind, it is not even a question that we provide unlimited healthcare to everyone. And that will be our undoing.

    Any person who works in the healthcare industry, especially emergency medicine, knows that the E.R. is a high-cost facility that should be used for emergencies. The problem is that it is used as a common health clinic by those on public or state-sponsored health insurance.

    People who have to pay high amounts of money for an E.R. visit will want to go to their primary care doctors to have less expensive labs and preventative medicine. People who do not have to worry about the feasibility of paying $3000 to have an ear infection diagnosed at 4am will go to the E.R. with their kids, repeatedly. It is epidemic and it is a part of American lifestyle: when Americans get comfortable with charity, they come to see it as an uncontested right.

    The more people who live off government assistance, the less our country can flourish. The less we flourish, the more people who will have to resort to public healthcare. The more people on public healthcare, the more drumming up thousands of dollars of medical costs in hospital emergency rooms, nationwide.

    This will be the downfall of Obamacare and without regulation, it will be the downfall of America. Obamacare will be the nail the breaks the camel’s back. It won’t be private insurance companies forced into keeping paying member’s children on coverage until reaching 26-years of age. It will be the people on federally funded state insurance, piling into emergency rooms where doctors will order tests, they will be charged $1000 or more to be just triaged and can generate more than $10,000 worst of emergency room costs and into $100,000 or $1,000,000s every time they are admitted. Hospital medicine is expensive and quite frankly, if over 10% of the nation is unemployed, millions of others are employed with no insurance and their children are lacking insurance too by common reason, we quite frankly are naive, dumb and screwed if we think we can fund these people’s health needs and wants past 10 or 20 years.

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    Amber Vos Savant Amber Vos Savant is an award winning conservative journalist and currently serves as Young Republican coordinator for Romney 2012 in Boston.

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