• WNBA Hires Transgender Men to Make Women’s Basketball More Interesting

    December 16, 2012 8:46 am 43 comments
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  • 6′ 6″ Gabrielle Ludwig is changing the scope of women’s basketball. Lu

    The WNBA may finally be watchable thanks to a new potential policy in which transgender men can be allowed to play women’s basketball. The idea is wonderful and I for one fully support the measure.

    The idea first came about after the success of a woman, Gabrielle Ludwig, on the court.  Gabrielle was born a woman trapped in a man’s body, her 6’6″ frame being a coach’s dream for success.

    The 220-pound player will revolutionize not only what we think about players on the court, but the scope of the WNBA.

    As America continues to make progress as a nation of equality for all, it is time for transgender individuals to have more rights.  It is the responsibility of the American republic to support them in their decisions.

    Having transgender individuals being allowed to play college women’s basketball and eventually the WNBA will be beyond awesome for the world of sports.   The increase in slam dunks, superb passing and defensive finesse will give women’s basketball much needed umph while also making households more comfortable with LGBT rights. 

    Hopefully more transgender individuals will bravely step out and compete in their favorite sports.  This is a great step of progress and equality for our nation under God.

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