• 10 Americans More Deserving of a Holiday than Martin Luther King Jr

    January 21, 2013 12:36 am 550 comments

    (chrisTwire)—Today is Martin Luther King Day. The only holiday honoring a single American. The media goes into a frenzy praising a man who was legally named Michael King and was a plagiarist, communist, solicitor of prostitutes, and physical abuser.

    One thing is for sure, getting shot does not make you a better American.

    Somebody, somewhere, must be more deserving, so we polled six thousand Americans over the period of Jan 6-18 and asked them what American deserved a holiday the most.
    Here are the results:

    1, Fred (Mr.) Rogers. A simple man who gave his entire life to all children. He, refused to profit on his fame, wore handmade clothes, lived in a simple older small home, and took home a very basic salary.

    2, Benjamin Franklin. An inventor, a statesman, postmaster, scientist, Ambassador. An inspiration to the can do hard work attitude that made America great.

    3, Billy Graham. Spiritual Advisor to nine American presidents.

    4, Walt Disney. Creator of dreams and redefined the American vacation.

    5, Bob Hope. Dedicated a lifetime to entertaining Americas Servicemen.

    6, Rosa Parks. More American than Michael King could ever hope to be.

    7, Watson and Butvidas. Proof that working together one can accomplish ten times one could hope to accomplish alone.

    8, Albert Einstein. Inventor

    9, Neil Armstrong. First Man on the Moon.

    10, Henry Ford. Brought a product to the masses and redefined a continent in doing so.

    As presidents have Presidents Day, American Presidents were left off this list. Had they been included the following would have ranked in the top 10
    Lincoln #1
    Regan #3
    George W Bush #9
    Nixon #10

    The highest democrat President was FDR at 19, Barack Hussein Obama was 43. Michael “Martin Luther” King was at 63, 5 spots behind our own Brother Bruce M Danus at 58.

    Enjoy your day off America.


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