• New Pokemon X, Y, And Rainbow Versions Reveal Final Legendary Pokemon

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    My Comrades:

    I’m here to report that a recent release of new pokemon games by Nintendo Studios has all of the fans of the popular game series in an uproar! Nintendo Studios has released the new pokemon games X, Y, and Rainbow coming the late fall of 2013.

    Pokemon X and Y title screens

    Pokemon X and Y title screens

    Parents, this is a red flag to not allow your children and teens to play such reckless and violent actions games. These kinds of games are what turn your children and teens into future crimals for Animal Fighting! No parent wants to see their child no matter what age they are in jail asking for an attorney while being questioned down by a manish woman who hasn’t slept in days and a blantant illegal Alien that smells of cheap tacos and cerveza.

    The recent announcement that Nintendo Studios has released worldwide has the fans asking more and more questions like, “What are the other pokemon like?” or ” How many new pokemon are there” and “Where is the game set in?” I unfortunately can’t answer those questions. Only Nintendo Studios can answer those questions. I did however dig up some leaked information on some of the other pokemon featured in the anime and also within the new pokemon X, Y, and Rainbow versions.

    Let’s see the New Pokemon X, Y, And Rainbow Versions Reveal Final Legendary Pokemon. This pokemon is 1 out 3 “legendary” pokemon in the new pokemon X, Y, and Rainbow versions and also in the new anime starting in the Spring. This pokemon is called, ” Xerneas”.


    Seeing the magnificent rack it has upon its head this was obvious taking one of God’s wonderous creatures he bestowed upon this earth and made it a homogay, multi-brony, gay surprise of mess! Nintendo Studios has taken God’s majestic stag and made it into this abomination. It’s terrible! This is also another way the Japanese are trying to get you young men of the house to start wearing short skirts and dress of many colors. We simply cannot allow that.

    This next pokemon is the second of the three featured in the anime and also in the new X, Y, Rainbow versions coming in the late fall of October 2013. This legedary pokemon is called, ” Yveltal”.


    This Pokemon seems to represent the devil in bird form! This will turn your children and teens against you and turn their little minds away from God! This pokemon in particular is dangerous to the minds and free will of your children and teens. This is the devil in pokemon form. I must urge you to not let your children and teens buy this game or even look upon them. This pokemon’s number is the same number of the beast fortold in the bible; 666. Beware for you have been warned, parents.

    This last and final legendary pokemon is the “god” of all of the pokemon or so the storyline of the games say. This pokemon is based of of the Hindu god, Kali and the Indian god, Buddah for it’s many limbs. This pokemon has been given the name, “Arceus”.


    Arceus means, “god” or “deity”. The creators of pokemon decided to defy God and his mighty ways and make their own God in which they can control, move, attack, defend, and even destroy with the puch of a button! This is outrageous in every way possible! Nintendo Studios has crossed a line with this one! Parents, I urge you to burn the games you children and teens sneak into the house with haste! These people are teaching your children and teens blasphemous teachings. This is getting out of hand.

    There can be more inforamtion found on this one website called, Hyrulecentral.net. They seem to support the idea of being similarly blaspemous and also inclined to mentioned other Nintendo Studios’ activity.

    There’s still time to get the horrible and blasphemous objects out of your home and have it blessef by your pastor or minister. Please, be warned and spread it to your neighbors who have children of their own. Please, take care and God Bless.

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