• Obama Is A Kenyan, Proofed By Fly On Head

    January 25, 2013 7:15 am 22 comments

    Look at the head of Barack Obama.  For years now I have told you he is a natural born Kenyan and you tried to call me a ‘birther’.  Only days after Beyonce lip synced the national anthem and heralded the reinauguration of this fake birth certificate man, we see the Lord of the Flies is using his powers here.

    Have you ever noticed in the videos on the tv, how Africans have flies on them and are so comfortable they don’t even swat them away.  Well what is going on here?

    Don’t even notice it, Obama?  Maybe because you were not born in America!

    Let us have a show of hands.  Who reading my journalism right now could tolerate a fly suckling the sweet watermelon juices from your upper lip?

    This is my favorite proof Obama is from Kenya, not America.  Look at that, a fly on his ear.  This one photograph proves why we must impeach Obama.  If he were born in America, like he claims his fake Hawaii birth certificate proves, he would be swatting like made and annoyed.  Instead look at that face:  Harvard stoic and cold, it is like the fly is not even there.

    The proof is here, my friends.  I will be creating a petition on White House.org and demanding Obama answer why he did not swat this fly away, if he were born in America.  I will also forward this information to my local GOP and Governor Mitt Romney, so we can hopefully get some proper investigation into Obama’s true origins.

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