• Obama Violates Constitution By Bypassing Senate, Time To Impeach

    January 26, 2013 1:35 pm 27 comments

    Obama violates Constitution

    Smug Barack Obama has violated the Constitution and now must be impeached.  In the background, you can see the eyes of a demon or Chinese war robot looking ominously as Obama buddy points one of his cronies in this photograph.

    I said it once and I will say it again:  Barack Obama is not an American, he is not president and he is trying to steal our rights.  It is no wonder he is trying to smear his backside with the Second Amendment of the Constitution, because he sees our human rights as something he can just take an Obama on.

    And you get my drift.

    But the latest grievance we have against Obama not even the liberals can argue with.  Obama blatantly violated the Constitution, which is an act of treason.  By demands of the law of America, we must impeach Obama for violating the government’s balance of power.

    On January 25th,  Yahoo! News first reported that Obama bypassed our American Senate.  Obama took it upon himself to appoint three members of the National Relations Board, which he has no Constitutional authority to do.  It must be easy for Obama to do such things though, because he is a communist, liberal and not American.  He only wants one thing for our great country:  to bow down before the thrones of the East and then eventually Satan.

    Since Obama violated the Constitution on January 25th, every other thing he does not is null and void.  That means any executive order he tries to make against our guns, must be illegal.  If he even mentions Obamacare again,which he already has, that also becomes illegal by the grandfather clause.

    As revealed: “Obama made the recess appointments after Senate Republicans blocked his choices for an agency they contended was biased in favor of unions.”

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