• 5 Ways To Tell If Your Neighbor Is A Suicide Bomber

    February 3, 2013 5:14 am 380 comments
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    We here at Christwire have been fighting against racial profiling for years, but it still exists. Below, I will point out the “Danger Factors” of each Sand Sniffer, including a color code for the “simpler” users to understand.

    Going from 5 to 1 here, but they are all just important as the next one.

    #5: You will find them going through your recyclables to find tin cans to hide their I.U.D.s inside of.
    Terrorist are tricky people. The next can of Creamed Corn that you open could contain C4. Be afraid, and be careful.

    #4: Watch out for people in Burkas. The best course of action is to punch them in the groin area upon meeting them. Many suicide bombers will pose as women due to the covering of female Muslim’s clothing. If you punch them in the groin, and they do not fall over immediately, you have punched a female Muslim which is acceptable according to the Koran.

    #3: If your neighbor owns a pig, they are a suicide bomber. Muslims love pigs, and refuse to eat wonderful food that God has given us like pork, bacon and ham. Call the Department of Homeland Security immediately.

    #2: Just like we Americans have a color coded threat level, Muslims has a code too. Watch the color of their towel hats. Here is photograpic proof:

    Elevated, yet not serious

    High Alert

    Gays are taking control

    The world is ending.

    #1: They have infiltrated your Police Department.

    Protect and Serve… Mass Destruction to the Infidels.

    I hope these have helped you identify the terrorists near you. Remember, call the Police or INS the moment that you see anyone wearing a turban attempting to enter a bus or public business.

    Have a great day, and stay safe.

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