• Arrogant British Credit Downgraded

    February 23, 2013 3:34 pm 63 comments
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  • The British are crying their tears today, as America was forced to downgrade their credit rankings.  For far too long the British have been living off our coattails, begging for alms ever since we saved them from being conquered during World War II.  For all of America’s sacrifice, the British have given us relatively nothing but grief and arrogance.

    Hopefully the British will learn their lesson and start being more respectful:  they need to recognize our economy as superior, stop using the Euro and switch back to making the dollar their main currency, then maybe they can save their economy.

    If the British continue to use the Euro and stand against the American dollar, I don’t see us having much choice but to slam their credit rating down to “Third World Country” status.

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