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    America's Founding Christian Fathers Spit on by President Obama

    America’s Founding Christian Fathers Spit on by President Obama

    By Rev. Billy Ray Sunday
    Special to chrisTwire

    <chrisTwire> The founding of the United States of America was deeply rooted in scripture and Christian fundamentals. The basic principals taught by Christ became the foundation and structure for two of America’s most sacred transcripts, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    These two cherished documents guarantees all Americans basic human rights, equality, dignity, liberty, sovereignty and the right to defend ones self by arms; for these are the highest principals and laws in American society. Now, for the first time in history, these documents are being threatened… not by al-Qaeda, not by a foreign power, but by our own domestic, American born white-trash terrorists… the profane atheists.

    Secret Underground Meeting of the Atheist Cult

    Secret Underground Meeting of the Atheist Cult

    During the 80s this Godless ilk confined themselves to underground meetings, in basements, adult book stores, abandoned buildings, etc., where they hid from view, seldom did they speak, for atheists, like NAMBLA (North American Man-boy Lovers Association) members feared drawing attention to themselves knowing if exposed they’d be fired from their jobs, put on some secret federal government watch list, disowned by family, banished from the community and drawn into the light as a spectacle of Satan’s living vessel of absolute evil incarnate.

    No atheist dared openly flaunt their heathen idealism and liberal anarchism in everyone’s face. Back then the Godless atheist was publicly flogged, or stoned to death; it was great amusement for the elderly and the young. Back then parents raised their young as they saw fit, without government interference. Mom and dad raised their children to be respectful and to honor Christ in their every deed; and parents took pride knowing their offspring were a credit to the family name and would pass the dignity of their name onto future generations.

    The Typical Christian Family Before Obama

    The Typical Christian Family Before Obama

    Bad teens were rare in those days when parents could beat proper Christian-American ideals such as, respect, integrity, honesty and virtue into their possessed young, whilst vanquishing Satan and his demons, rebuking them in the holy name of Christ, Savior and Lord. But in these enlightened times of “no limits secular-liberalism” teaching your children scripture is seen as teaching hate, and racial intolerance, though the Bible denounces both.

    Dare we not speak of that which some deem as not being politically correct, that which some find inappropriate, unpopular, coarse, even offensive? Absolutely not, for it is the most offensive ideas and language that these documents protect; not because the founding fathers didn’t want to get tossed into the local hoosegow every time they got drunk and blasted some disgusting off-color remarks at some total stranger, its because the idea of government regulating what people can and cannot say is rightfully abhorrent to all mankind, but especially so for the passionate Americans.

    Quite frankly I cherish my human right and my right as an American, not to be censored by my government. And more than once I’ve taken cover behind the First Amendment when others have venomously and unjustly attacked me for my work simply because they disagreed or were offended by my direct manner which some claim is abrasive and vulgar.

    In past decades ill-informed atheists in the U.S. have represented a minor and insignificant percentage of the population. But in the last 15 – 20 years Christianity has dwindled rapidly and we’re seeing the cult of atheism, or devil worship, growing quickly along side the radical and violent extremists Muslim faith.

    Today Atheists Practice Their Dark Forbidden Arts Underground Like the Muslims and Satanists Do

    Today Atheists Practice Their Dark Forbidden Arts Underground Like the Muslims and Satanists Do

    Just 20 – 30 years ago America’s shameful atheists were recognized for what scripture tells us they are; Godless false profits and slaves of the devil. Some clever Satanists called themselves “atheists” and they attempted to pass themselves off simply as harmless non-believers. Others called themselves Wiccans, pagans, idol worshipers, asexual and many other names; but scripture teaches us God condemns them all, as do we Christians by His authority and with His blessing.

    No different are the rules for the anus worshiping scat-queens of the vile homosexual underground. Abominations all is what God called these unholy sodomites along with their seedy, semen drenched latex lifestyle. When dealing with these dangerous people it must never be overlooked that atheists, just like their forsaken queer friends, have a long history of lurking in the shadows in our communities, outside our schools, or near playgrounds where they’re known to recruit or abduct children for Satan.

    Sadly most younger children recruited are lured into an atheist coven where they are drugged then offered up to Satan as a human sacrifice during what’s known as a Samhain, or the “Black Mass.”

    A Black Mass or Samhain Human Sacrifice Performed by Atheists Today

    A Black Mass or Samhain Human Sacrifice Performed by Atheists Today

    And is anyone surprised to know all this wickedness, darkness and sin comes at a time when America’s largest gun dealer, President Barack Insane Obama, is pushing hard to re-write history and America’s most sacred laws? Without question Obama is the leader of the coup that seized power in Washington in 2008, and it is our president who wants to weaken the resolve of the American people by stripping decent, hard working, God fearing Americans of any means to defend themselves.

    Well I’ve got news for you Obama, by law you lack the authority to re-write anything, and secondly, we have the ultimate weapon of mass destruction… we have providence. Its time to impeach Obama before he forces this nation into another bloody civil war that we the people don’t want and can ill-afford.

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