• Democrats Now Create Food Stamps For Pets SNAP Card

    February 25, 2013 11:21 pm 38 comments
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  • The screenshot is included up above, because many of you radical democrats will try to deny what your socialist president has created.  There is now a Food Stamps for Pet program that allows irresponsible people to adopt pets, then force American taxpayers to pay for them.

    The number of people who are living large on Food Stamps in America remains at an all time high.  Have you even been at the check-out line, to only see Shanaynay or Standiki chomping on her piece of gum and talking in her iPhone 5, her five kids running around with no father in sight, and lining up two grocery carts.  Those carts are filled with steak, lobsters, Royal Crown Cola and all the name brands of food.  She can get caviarre and then switch over to her ‘cash side’ to buy some malt liquor and cigs for her baby daddy who comes around at shopping time.

    Shanaynay can now get herself a nice dog or vermin cat if she wishes, because now her “SNAP” card will have an optoin for pet food.

    SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which forces all us hard working Americans to eat scraps while the non-working live off the fruits of our labor and dine like Medieval kings and queens.  Someone in Washington, D.C., I’m going to guess Nancy Pelosi or some other pea-brained liberal, thought that pets should be included in SNAP program for non-working families.

    Malt liquor in paw, loud rap music and video games all day, now even pets are qualified to get Pet Food Stamps with SNAP cards being supplied by Obama.  When is the austerity program going to be called long enough?

    To generally qualify for benefits, you have to be lazy and make sure to enjoy lots of unprotected sex, because the more kids you get, the more SNAP dollars the government can put on your card.  Women who have 5 kids can get over $2,000 a month, just to spend on food.  That does not include their limitless Obamacare, their welfare vouchers for housing, their free limitless data cell phone plans, their free WiFi, their WIC benefits which gives them additional free milk, vegetables, free memberships to the YMCA or comparable fitness club, free dental treatment, bread and protein based foods, and cold, hard cash that puts money directly onto their powerful SNAP cards.  Yes, people on welfare get all this stuff.

    Even more terrible now, is that this Food Stamps For Pet program is allowing them to get all the money they want slathered on that card.  If it works like kids, they can just claim another pet and the cards will be given more money.

    Here is an idea:  if you cannot afford your kids or pets, get a job.  Us hardworking people want to be able to enjoy all our hardearned money to spend on our kids and our pets.  We have earned the right to give them a good life and quite frankly, this ‘entitlement’ society who expects others to help them when they are lazy or have some other sob-story is downright disgusting.


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