• God smites evolutionist lungfish in new Queensland flood

    February 28, 2013 7:39 am 10 comments
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  • A bit fishy: An Australian tries to rescue a lungfish that had been struck by the Almighty yesterday.

    A bit fishy: An Australian tries to rescue a lungfish that had been struck by the wrath of the Almighty yesterday.

    IT’S no secret that God hates evolution, so it’s no surprise that He chose to smite an evolutionist lungfish as He smote Queensland with yet another holy flood this week.

    As Sister Susan has so insightfully reported, God has been smiting the Australian redneck state of Queensland with fires, floods, cyclones and sea foam all year. This plague of plagues  has followed on from the floods of 2011, during which God killed some 40 Queenslanders in his holy rage.

    Until now, the reason for God’s anger has remained a mystery. But news footage from the flooded town of Gympie this week may just provide a clue. The footage shows a Gympie woman trying to rescue a large lungfish that had been stranded in the middle of town after the Mary River broke its banks.

    Could it be that God has visited all these plagues upon Queensland simply because He hates lungfish?

    Atheists love lungfish because they think the dumb animals prove evolution by showing how
    prehistoric fish could evolve lungs and waddle out of the water or something.

    Lungfish, along with tiktaalik, archeopteryx and countless other stupid animals that God smote
    into oblivion up to but no longer than 7000 years ago are frequently held up as being
    “transitional forms”. They are said to provide a kind of diary of evolution over hundreds of
    millions of years. Clearly this is just a scientific fairy tale as it contradicts not just one of the
    accounts of creation in Genesis but both of them!

    Over to you: Do you like lungfish? Do you think God is deliberately targeting them in His
    relentless carpet-flooding of Queensland? What animal do you think He should target next in
    His campaign of extermination?

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