• MARIJUANA KILLS – 1st Reported THC Fatality In California Town

    February 19, 2013 1:13 pm 24 comments

    Well it seems that proponents of medical Marijuana as well as their addicted junky supporters no longer can claim Marijuana, (a highly dangerous hallucinogenic) has never caused an overdose fatality in its 4500 years of known use with man.

    This story highlights the evils and dangers associated with the use of this Class 1 narcotic which will now no doubt change the course of lawmakers in states where medicinal and recreational Marijuana have already been legalized.

    If you or a friend use Marijuana then I encourage you to get help now. If one guy can produce this deadly dank then how long before its available to pot addicts and toddlers in your own community?

    For more information on this breaking story you can link to it here…

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