• Gays Refused Flowers and Cake… By Jesus

    March 10, 2013 1:54 am 54 comments
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  • Who is the real victim here?

    Who is the real victim here?

    Recently, I wrote about a bakery in Portland, Oregon that was being unfairly protested, and now it seems that a Florist in Richland, Washington is suffering the same fate.

    The woman, Baronelle Stutzman, told her longtime homosexualist customer, of over 20 years, that she could not supply flowers for his illegal gay “marriage” ceremony because Jesus told her it was improper and against his will. This backside diddling gay became irate and smashed every flower in the store due to his gay rage, then immediately phoned the Homogay Agenda Headquarters to get his story out in the news. You can read his version on the gay site “The Advocate” here

    Since we are a completely unbiased news source, we are able to tell you the true story behind this travesty though. According to an employee in the store at the time, this is how the conversation between Baronelle and Robert Ingersoll went (We have edited the swearing and explicit sex terms that the gay used. Otherwise this is an exact transcript of the events).

    Baronelle: “Hi darling, how can I help you today?”

    Gay: “I’m so excited, sweetie! I’m getting married!”

    Baronelle: That’s great, honey. Who’s the lucky lady?

    Gay: “Oh no, baby, I’m a gay.”

    Baronelle: “What? I knew you were very nice to other men, and very helpful in arranging flowers for them, and offering tips on interior design and fashion, but you seemed like a normal person. Why did you choose to be a gay?”

    Gay: “It’s not a choice, you dumb b*tch, it’s a lifestyle. Now sell me some pansies for my illegal gay ‘marriage’ you tw*t.”

    Baronelle: “Oh my! There is no need to get belligerent. You’ve been a great and loyal customer for years. Why are you treating me like this now? Have you gone into a gay rage?”

    Gay: “D*mn right, wh*re. We gays have the right to rage whenever we want, wherever we want because we are taking over the world! Soon, you’ll be seeing men “plowing other men’s back forty” on the streets, because Obama is going to legalize gay “marriage” and get rid of DOMA. Deal with it, you c*nt”

    Baronelle: “I was just told by Jesus that I can’t sell you flowers for this illegal “wedding”, and He told me to make you leave this shop forever”.

    Gay: “F*ck you, B*tch! I’ll do what I want, and Jesus can’t stop me.”

    At this point, the gay went into a full gay rage and smashed everything in the shop while shouting “I’m fabulous, b*tches!”.

    This poor women had over $300,000 of damage done to her store, and is now being boycotted by the gays due to the fact that she listened to Jesus and refused to sell flowers for an illegal “wedding”. How can we stand for this in God’s Country? With all the criminal activity that the gays are involved in, how can we sit back and allow Obama to deny DOMA? Everyday, we see more and more violence by the gays, but only people who follow God’s word are being called out by the media. I, for one, am sickened by our decaying morals in America and across the world. It is time for us to take a stand and tell the gays that we won’t be intimidated. We need to start putting them in private camps for gays only so they can’t infect other inmates with the gay bowel disease, and also keep them off the streets away from normal people. If someone tells you they are a gay, or you suspect they are “closeted”, you should immediately call your local sheriff and let them know that you suspect your “friend” of being a gay and they are probably guilty of multiple hate crimes against normal people.

    These gays were arrested on the charge of "possible homosexual hate crimes against normal-sexed people".

    These gays were arrested on the charge of “possible homosexual hate crimes against normal-sexed people”.

    Have a great day, and stay safe (especially around the gays).

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    Bruce Myron Danus Years of Mental Gymnastics, and lots of love from Jesus has made this man realize he was not "Born this Way", but instead chose to be a Homogay until he met God and realized God doesn't make mistakes like a homogay.

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