• Justin Bieber’s “AIDS Rumor” Confirmed

    March 10, 2013 4:34 am 119 comments

    After a horrible week for Justin Bieber in England, rumors have been spreading that he is having a breakdown. Those rumors have become a fact recently, because Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with full blown AIDS two days ago. AIDS is a breakdown of white blood cells.

    Many people have wondered if Justin was a girl or possible a homosexual, due to his hit songs like “Boyfriend” and “Baby”, and his close relationship with the rapper named Usher. He tried valiantly to prove he wasn’t a homosexual by dating Selena Gomez, and Tweeting shirtless pictures of himself asking for dates from all of the underage girls that follow him on Twitter, but ultimately, those attempts at subterfuge failed. His doctors “accidentally” released his bloodwork report after he collapsed on stage, which you can read about here

    This past week, Uni-sex teen idol Justin Bieber has been in the news constantly. First, he was thrown out of a bar in England, on his 19th birthday, for inviting underage kids to party with him.

    Bieber has inticed a black into his gay life.

    Bieber has inticed a black into his gay life.

    Secondly, he was over 2 hours late to the stage to perform a concert at O2 arena, which caused over half of his fans to leave the show due to them being 9 years old and having a bedtime of 8pm. Small children should not be subjected to Bieber’s pornographic shows anyway, so this is a “win” for true Christians.

    I vomited in my mouth when I viewed this.

    I vomited in my mouth when I viewed this.

    Third, he passed out live on-stage. His publicist said it was due to “over-exertion and lack of oxygen”, but we all know that the world is full of oxygen, so what are they hiding? He even managed to post a picture of him on Twitter, practically naked.

    Horrifying nudity on the Twitisphere.

    Horrifying nudity on the Twitisphere.

    Fourth, he threatened a photographer with physical violence. We all know that only gays infected by AIDS or Blacks threaten people, and Justin is obviously not a black. When violence is involved in a breakdown of a gay, we now know that the gay is infected with “Gay Bowel Disease” aka “AIDS”. Justin Bieber has AIDS, but he caught it at a great time in America, because God taught us how to heal AIDS. It’s too bad that he is a Canadian though.

    More proof of "his" AIDS

    More proof of “his” AIDS

    Fifth, he is a marijuana smoker. Earlier this year, many youths were cutting themselves to get Bieber to stop smoking the “Devil’s Lettuce”. He took to Twitter to tell these children to not cut, because “weed” is natural and should be legal. How can we allow this child to be a role-model for our kids? Based on the images below, we must boycott this child and his Satanic music that causes this to happen.

    Bieber fans have taken to cutting themselves in order to make him prove that he doesn't have AIDS or smoke pot.

    Bieber fans have taken to cutting themselves in order to make him prove that he doesn’t have AIDS or smoke pot.

    We must immediately organize a boycott of this teen music. It obviously causes dementia and psychotic behavior. Bands like Justin Bieber, One Direction, Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dance Floor, Lil’ Wayne, Tyga, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and other teen music is harmful to our youth. Let’s join together and get them banned now.

    Have a great day, and stay safe (especially from AIDS, but don’t use condoms or Jesus will send you to Hell).

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