• Tim Tebow stiffens himself for new thrust; no longer soft on gays

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    Straight arrow: Tim Tebow merely enjoys wearing tight-fitting clothes.


    AMERICA’S most Christian, most heterosexual footballer, Tim “Teabag” Tebow, has stiffened himself for a new thrust in his war on homosexuality.

    Tebow had recently been accused of going soft on gays after he made a limp withdrawal from speaking at the megachurch of pastor Robert Jeffress, a man renowned for his frothy denunciations of men who play the pink oboe, the rusty trombone and veritable orchestra pit of other wood instruments.

    But Tebow was only pulling out of Jeffress’s pulpit so he could plunge straight in to an even more accommodating receptacle, the snug, velvety embrace of the even more virulently anti-gay Liberty University.

    Jeffress doesn’t mince words in saying things like “What [homosexuals] do is filthy. It is so degrading that it is beyond description.” So why has Tebow jilted him like some flighty flibbertigibbet?

    Right Wing Watch points out that Liberty University is even more Christian in its
    pathological hatred of homosexuality:

    The school was founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell — it is
    now run by his son — who has blamed gays and liberals for the September 11 attacks, supported racist laws in the U.S. and abroad and attacked the Teletubbies for “modeling the gay life style.”

    Liberty University bans gay students and … Vice President and law school dean Mathew Staver has defended the criminalization of homosexuality in Malawi, promoted the dangerous ex-gay therapy and warned that President Obama supports “forced homosexuality.” Furthermore, Staver has claimed that gay rights laws are part of an Antichrist spirit that lead to crime, child molestation and death, along with the destruction of America.

    Staver’s fellow Liberty University dean Matt Barber has defended a Nigerian law
    outlawing homosexual relationships, described the gay rights movement as “Satanic,”
    claimed that gay youth who committed suicide took their own lives because they “know
    what they are doing is unnatural,” accused gay rights advocates of supporting
    pedophilia (along with fascism and Communism) and defined homosexuality as “one
    man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it

    Over to you: Do you think that Tim Tebow should harden up even more? Should his next tryst be with the Westboro Baptist Church? Should he perhaps even reach out to Muslim fundamentalists who like to stone homosexuals to death? Should fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims try to focus more on the values they share than the ones they don’t?

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