• Will Obama crown himself God in Israel?

    March 5, 2013 9:03 am 8 comments
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    IT’S no secret that Barack Obama has an ego the size of Kenya. After all, it takes a real megalomaniac to wake up one day and say to himself: “Self, I think I deserve to be the most powerful man in the world!”

    But could Obama be about to go one step further and crown himself as God — the very creator of Heaven and Earth — in the Holy Land of Israel?

    Christian broadcaster Rick Wiles thinks so.

    “Obama may simply be the latest incarnation of Satan’s spirit inside a human being in a high public office. There have been many such men throughout history, tyrants such as Adolf Hitler,” Wiles explained on a recent edition of his popular radio program.

    “Suppose that Mr. Obama enters the Temple and declares himself as God. Now, I don’t even want to go there today, I think it is too early for that happen but this is starting to get a little spooky, isn’t it?”

    Already atheist socialists have been mocking Wiles’s suggestion, pointing out that the Jerusalem Temple to which he refers was destroyed by the Romans in 70AD, and that the site is now occupied by the Dome of the Rock, the third holiest site in all of Islam.

    But Wiles has previously revealed that Obama is not only an outrageous sexual pervert who has “spiritually sodomised” the US military and America as a whole, but that he is also a secret Muslim and a Muslim secret agent.

    Over to you: Do you think it’s starting to get “a little spooky?” Could Obama be intent on using his Muslim influence as a Muslim secret agent to gain access to the Dome of the Rock and declare himself to be Allah, who Christians refer to as Yahweh? If so, what might the consequences be for the American economy and the gay marriage debate?

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