• Baby Puppy Recovering After Attack By Pack of Wild Kittens

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    Adam Nelson

    Mr. Lick ‘ems

    SALINA, KANSAS – It has been a long, tough road for Mr. Lick ‘ems, but he is finally on the road to recovery and on the mend. Several weeks ago, Mr. Lick ‘ems was let outside to relieve himself in the comfort of his backyard. His owners, Dennis and Emma Germound, knew that they had a family of kittens living under their porch. Nearly a month before, Dennis noticed a cat had moved in under his back porch and looked to be pregnant. He figured she would have a litter within the week, so made sure to slide plenty of blankets, milk and food to the cat’s proxy.

    The Germound’s generosity was turned around on them.

    “It was horrible,” recalls Emma Germound, tears streaming down her face. “Mr. Lick em’s pitter pattered into the backyard, as he does every morning. The last I saw, he was near the porch, sniffing the grass and preparing to relieve himself. I turned my back to get coffee off the pot, when I suddenly heard the most horrific, pained scream.”

    Germound ran to her backyard to check on the ruckus, yelling to her husband who was dressing for work in the upper room.

    “I ran downstairs, my wife’s voice had shrieked in panic. She was standing in the back doorway, legs shaking and screaming ‘Oh my, oh my, they are eating him alive!’”

    Dennis Germound ran to his backyard to see the mother cat looked half calico, half puma. She was pinning the little terrier down while her kittens, now a month old and with razor sharp teeth, mauled at the poor little puppy’s front legs. The mom cat swiped at the leg, trying to help tenderize it for her brood.

    Germound sprang into action, grabbing a rolling pin and wildly sashing it back and forth, scaring all the cats away from his dog. The mother cat put up a fight, biting Germound twice in his hand and once in his calf. The feline leaped into the air, taking a predator’s strike at his eyes and gave him a corneal abrasion.

    Mrs. Germound ended the fight, flanking the cat and whopping it with a broom to the ribs. Off balance, the cat retreated under the fence and up the street with its pack of wild kittens.

    The Germounds rushed their puppy to the local animal hospital, where the leg could not be saved but a courageous vet was able to improvise a new prosthetic, which you see pictured above.

    The Germounds have learned their lesson. They no longer accept helping any stray cats. Wonder if their soon-to-be child had been in the backyard playing. The cats could have eaten their baby.

    This story should serve as a lesson to all of you. Cats are dangerous and will try to feed your puppies and children to their litters. Do the right thing when you see a stray: trap them and take them to your local Animal Control.


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