• Fresh Prince Reunion Of Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Carlton

    May 16, 2013 8:32 pm 0 comments
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  • Will Smith and his permafrown child Jayden Smith made an appearance on the Graham Norton show, the British equivalent of vanilla Oprah sprinkled with Ed Sullivan, shown late night, from what we can surmise. Whatever the case may be, Will Smith loves the show so much that he brought a special treat for the audience.

    The interview starts out slow, with Jayden Smith trying his skills at his father’s nice guy rapping. This is the same sort of rapping that Eminiem complained about in the 90s. “Will Smith don’t gotta cuss in rap to sell records, well I do, so f*7# you, and f$%$ you to.” Jayden Smith apparently does not as well.

    Things get better, however, as DJ Jazzy Jeff shows up and then Carlton shows up to revamp the Carlton.

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