Miley Tops Maxim Hot 100 By The Power of Photoshop, Questional Images

miley cyrus instagram

Miley tops Maxim in a brilliant show of racy photoshoots, marketing and nice photoshopped images to her Instagram. If I had not Googled this image and verified it with my colleagues from several other sources, there is no way I could have believed this was Miley Cyrus.

Graciebow’s creeper moment notwithstanding, Miley Cyrus is being named the hottest woman of 2013 by Maxim. As a woman who can appreciate the total package of another woman, I really do not get it. But someone, somewhere, has voted this young lady to the Top 100 and for that, it is an accomplishment for Cyrus. Let’s now just hope she does not go the way of Britney with hairshaving, bashing the cars of photographers and the eventual comeback tour people will not stop talking about.