• Obama Lipstick On Collar, Who Is Smooching The President?

    May 16, 2013 9:31 pm 0 comments
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  • A photographer captured evidence of Barack Obama having an affair on Michelle Obama. It is a longstanding tradition for Democrat presidents to cheat on their wives, as proven by the scandalous lives of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

    But for Obama to cheat on his wife and therefore our country, during this crucial time of our recovery, it is hurtful and perhaps we should call Ken Starr to investigate this transgression against morality in our nation.


    A wide-eyed Obama responds to press questions of “What’s that on your collar?” Obama did not initially realize that his summer fling intern left evidence of their betrayals on his clothing.

    Barack Obama And David Cameron KissingThis would not be the first time Obama has been embroiled in a saucy kissing scandal. In 2010, then UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Barack Obama were caught sharing a ‘friendly’ kiss when they thought cameras were not rolling, during a speech rehearsal for a joint conference.

    Democrat media tried to denied the veracity of the photograph, but several anonymous staff members who were present confirm the kiss lasted a good ‘several seconds’, and both men sheepishly laughed after the incident, purportedly.

    In the video below, Obama and the liberal media machine try to spin the lipstick on the collar and deny the veracity of the evidence.

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