• Obamacare Starts 2014, New Insurance Shopping Options October 2013

    May 16, 2013 9:58 pm 0 comments
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  • Dr Fixit is on the Job / Alternate title The ProctologistObamacare starts in the year 2014. On January 1st, 2014, every American is not only entitled to healthcare insurance options, but will be required to carry some sort of health insurance.

    The changes in state-wide medical plans does not truly show the drastic changes the nation will face, nationwide. If you are a person who will benefit from Obamcare, the January 1st, 2014 day will be grand. Every person surely deserves some sort of health access and not to suffer, as long as they are a bonafide citizen of the nation whose taxpayers are footing the bill for free or reduced healthcare coverage.

    The problem we will face when Obamacare starts is the massive ruffling of the healthcare system. With all government based insurances, there is a ‘set amount’ they will be paid out. Hospitals calculate into their budgets the cost of treatment for various ailments, and how much and when insurance carriers will pay out.

    A problem is that as Medicare has famously done in years past, the government dictates rates and how much they will pay a hospital. Also, the government can ‘encourage’ one hospital in a city to be used over another superior hospital, due to differences in services and skill levels. For instance, if a hospital is a top level facility for treating major illnesses, trauma and newborns, and as such charges a higher rate for service, a lesser hospital can offer similar, less-efficient services for far less. Selected providers in that network may be assigned, to establish a reduced cost.

    The effect of that situation is the hospital will not only have new insurances which will pay to it capped amounts, well under its rate of services, but the hospital in question will also lose potential lifetime patients, giving the hospital with inferior services the edge.

    Many people may also shy away from standard insurances, not wanting to foot the new ‘tax’ to support the millions of people who are going to sign-up for an Obamacare borne insurance plan. Why pay for two insurances, when you can just go with a reduced government option that pays the same or better, at the expense of having a ‘selected provider’ which many young people, uninsured or newly employed will face as is. Within the twenty-year-old demographic, Obamacare would likely be a very preferred insurance option.

    When conjoined with Medicare at the top of expenses of the elderly cohort, Obamacare creates a vacuum of financial burden that may suck our economy and health field dry. Some hospitals will have to start cutting jobs, because the financial instability and shift in patient volume be affected directly by ObamaCare. Take note when you visit a hospital: you will see them becoming more understaffed and nurses seeking jobs in the outpatient/preventative medicine fields, which will also be affected by going rates.

    Physicians may also find the government prefers networks that have Advanced Registered Nurses/Physician Assistants as the standard for medical providers. Such networks can charge lesser rates on a consistent basis, meaning that the government percentage payout for ObamaCare based insurances can be less. ARNP/PAs may find an increase in jobs, while new physicians for the first time, may find the job market and stability of their profession in a slight jeopardy.

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